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This question was answered based upon current rules, regulations & statutes in effect on September 19, 2017

We just had another 'discussion' with a CT dealership regarding the use of "Transit Tags" by our customer. We told him we could consider coverage bound since she did tell us about purchasing the car & they paperwork has been signed. However, we advised that the State if MA doesn't recognize the use of temporary tags in lieu of an actual registration/plate so there could be issues in the event of a traffic incident.  Of course they didn't agree.....

Any words of wisdom on this topic?  


Kathy Cormier:  You are correct.  We do not recognize MA residents driving on out-of-state temporary plates.  If the client has taken title there is insurance coverage, but they will be improperly registered and could be cited for attaching plates. 

Please see attached and feel free to share it with the CT dealer.

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