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Company Rate Filing Information

Bankers Standard Insurance Company Filings

As of June  2017

The Following are the filings made by Bankers Standard Insurance Company.
Filing No./Overall Rate 
Materials Included Effective Date


  • Massachusetts Personal Injury Protection Coverage – AUTO588 ACE-0617
06/05/17 New/Renew




-       Classification Rule for Panel Trucks, Pick-Ups and Vans, previously on page 4.5, has been moved to page 4.4 with no change in content.

-       Introduce Years Licensed Rating Factor Rule, page 4.5 and add to Rating Sequence, pages 3.2 and 3.3.

-       Revise base rates for CSL, BI, PD, Med Pay, PIP, UM/UIM, Comprehensive and Collision, p. 11.1

Markup of changes

05/08/17 New
07/08/17 Renew 



  • Multi-Car Discount
  • Anti-Theft – Category V-25% Package Credit
  • Installments
04/01/16 New
06/01/16 Renew 




  • Revise base rates for CSL, BI, PD, Med Pay, PIP, UIM, Comprehensive and Collision
  • Revise liability limit factors


  • Incident Free Discount
  • Annual Mileage Credit

Misc. Rule

  • Deductible Insurance
  • Merit Rating

Markup of Changes

03/14/16 New
05/16/16 Renew 



  • Policy – AUTO MA ACE-0814 (ISO POLICY)
  • Agreed Value Coverage – Auto22 ACE-MA-0114
  • Massachusetts Auto Endorsement – AUTO413 ACE-0114
  • Massachusetts – Antique Agreed Value Coverage – AUTO642 ACE-0114
  • Massachusetts – Replacement Cost Coverage – AUTO641 ACE-0114
  • Vehicles Held in Trust of By Legal Entity – AUTO472 ACE-MA 0115
  • Massachusetts Uninsured Motorists Coverage – AUTO586 ACE-0114
  • Massachusetts Underinsured Motorists Coverage – AUTO587 ACE-0114
  • Massachusetts – Personal Injury Protection Coverage – AUTO588 ACE-0114
  • Massachusetts Classic Auto Agreed Value Coverage – AUTO609 ACE-0114
  • Chemical Hazards Exclusion – AUTO629 ACE-0114

Optional Coverage Rules:

  • Agreed Value
  • Classic Auto Coverage
  • Coverage for Electronic Equipment and Accessories
  • Customizing Equipment Coverage for Vans, Pickups and Panel Trucks Only
  • Replacement Cost Coverage
  • Vehicles Held in Trust or by Legal Entity
  • Window Glass Coverage

Miscellaneous Type Vehicle Rule:

  • Golf Carts
  • Antique

General Rules:

  • Automatic Debit of Policy Premium
  • Changes
  • Installments
  • Policy Period
  • Rate and Condition Deviations
  • Rate Revision
  • Whole Dollar Premium
  • Special State Requirements

Mark up of Changes

08/08/15 New
10/08/15 Renew 


  • Base Rates/Rating Factor Tables
  • Mark up of Changes
03/14/15 New
05/14/15 Renew 


  • Installment Rule – ACE Platinum Portfolio Program
07/01/14 New/Renew

Misc. Rules:

  • Uninsured Motorist
  • Underinsured Motorist

Increased Imits

  • Liability
  • Medical Payments

Operator Class
Base Rates/Rating Factor Tables
Limit Factors
Model Year Rating

09/20/13 New
11820/13 Renew 

Complete Producer Manual
Forms & Endorsements: 

  • AUTO413 ACE 1212 MA Auto Endorsement
  • AUTO588 ACE 1212 MA PIP Coverage Endorsement
  • AUTO519 ACE 1212 MA Collision Coverage Waiver of Deductible Endorsement
  • ALL20887 1212 ACE Producer Compesation Practices and Policies

12/01/12 New 
02/01/13 Renew 


Complete Producer Manual
Forms & Endorsements: 

  • Replacement Cost Coverage
  • ACE Group Privacy Statement


  • Agreed Value
  • Replacement Cost Coverage


08/17/12 New
10/17/12 Renew 


Complete Manual
Forms & Endorsements:

  • Policy

09/15/11 New/Renew


Forms & Endorsements:

  • Declarations Page
08/15/11 New/Renew


Complete Manual
Forms & Endorsements:

  • Form Agreed Value Coverage 
08/01/11 New/Renew


Installment Plan 03/14/11 New

Initial Filing
Complete Manual
Forms & Endorsements:

  • Trade or Economic Sanctions Endorsement
  • Policy
  • Additional Interest Corporate Owned Auto
  • Electronic Equipment and Accessories
  • Customized Equipment Coverage
  • Additional Interest - Part II: Your Liability Coverage
  • Loss Payable Clause
  • Agreed Value Coverage
  • Split Liability Limits
  • Split Uninsured Motorists Limits
  • Auto Deductible Reserve - Comp. Coverage
  • Auto Deductible Reserve - Coll. Coverage
  • MA Auto Endorsement
  • Antique Auto Agreed Value Coverage
  • Replacement Cost Coverage
  • Vehicles Held in Trust or by Limited Liability Co.
  • MA Uninsured Motorists Coverage
  • MA Underinsured Motorists Coverage
  • MA Personal Injury Protection Coverage
  • MA Complusory Motor Vehicle Liability Coverage
  • MA Fire, Theft or Larceny Coverage
  • MA Full Collision Coverage
  • MA Limited Collision Coverage
  • MA Named Driver Exclusion
  • MA Auto Consumer Guide
  • MA Consumer Bill of Rights
  • Declarations Page
  • MA Window Glass Coverage
  • MA Classic Auto Agreed Value Coverage

03/14/11 New