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Certificate Programs

Take part in one of our top-notch certificate training programs.

7 Steps to Personal Lines Success

Your association is pleased to offer the exclusive personal lines certificate program — The Seven Steps to Success — to anyone who seeks to improve their knowledge of personal lines. Irene Morrill,
CPCU, CIC, CRM, CRIS, CPIW, LIA, ARM, has designed this program to challenge all participants who enter in!


10 Components to Commercial Lines Competence 

The "Ten Components to Commercial Competence" is a highly technical commercial lines certificate program offered by the Technical Affairs Department. This exciting ten step process will guide every new or seasoned agent to greater heights of competence!


Personal Lines Training School Concentrations 

Each PL Concentration offers 5 Days of Entry-level, In-depth Training for New Agency Employees...

The program was developed to train a newly hired employee or cross-train an employee to be insurance literate, functional, confident and service/sales-oriented!

This is MORE than just a lecture. This multiple-day seminar is designed to provide “hands-on” practical application. Coverage will be discussed and practiced in an “account-rounding,” exposure analysis method. Each participant will work on his or her own, instilling individual growth, and work in a group to learn how to foster a team environment and attitude. Customer service and sales will be addressed throughout the course in regards to appropriate attitude, as well as insurance expertise.


CAR Certification 

In order to place Massachusetts commercial automobile insurance as an Exclusive Representative Producer, this class is mandatory. This class assumes a basic knowledge of the PAP and BAP.

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9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. one hour exam comprised of 25 questions