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E&O Risk Mgmt - The Challenge of Change II

This course is geared to EVERYONE in the agency who can help prevent an E&O claim!

Additionally by attending one of these seminars, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions & Utica Policyholders may meet the educational requirements needed for a possible discount on their E&O policy! Please contact the Number One Insurance Agency for details at (800) 742-6363.


Review the concepts of the law of agency including how the agency relationship is established.

Explore how an agent’s standard of care is determined along with key components for determining negligence on the part of the agent.

Review the exposures that may cause an uncovered claim, supported by current statistics, in order to identify those areas that require a focus of risk management efforts.

Explore the role of invariable practice and agency procedures and how invariable practices serve a valuable defensive strategy.

Understand the need to document, what is meant by “good documentation,” the advantage of using disclaimer language and other key documentation points.

Review how risk assessment questionnaires and coverage checklists can play an important role in providing another layer of defense for an agency against some of the more common E&O allegations.

Explore areas in the agency’s daily operations that may open the agency up to an E&O loss.

Review the purpose of a certificate of insurance, the E&O issues surrounding these documents and steps an agency can take to reduce the loss exposure related to the handling of certificates.

Explore some of the things agents can do to minimize their E&O exposure including familiarizing themselves with the laws affecting the E&S marketplace, finding a quality broker with financially stable insurers, and carefully scrutinizing policy forms.

Explore the agency’s general regulatory responsibilities for protecting personal data, the exposures faced by agencies, and provides some risk management guidance to help protect the agency’s operation and the data it keeps.

Read Class Reviews...
Great Instructor. Keeps the class engaged all day. The class was very informative & interesting. Love all of the real life scenarios.
S. Picard, Welsh & Parker, 2015

Caught myself smiling all day thanks to the experience, breadth of knowledge and humorous anecdotes.
T. Gravelin, C G Insurance, 2015

TUITION: $95.00/ member
with pdf manual
$190.00 / non-member
with pdf manual
  $105.00/ member
with hard copy
$200.00 / non-member
with hard copy
REGISTRATION: Registration begins 1/2 hour prior to class start time.
CLASS TIME: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

6/6/17 251329 E&O Risk Mgmt - The Challenge of Change II Tewksbury, MA 6
8/10/17 251330 E&O Risk Mgmt - The Challenge of Change II Milford, MA 6
9/25/17 251331 E&O Risk Mgmt - The Challenge of Change II Milford, MA 6

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