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Discover how insurance publications by The Academy will change the way you do business!

For identifying current trends and getting straight-up information to help meet the challenges of the insurance industry, Academy publications are just the resource you’ve been searching for.

The Academy features books about improving the agency’s sales and marketing efforts, streamlining performance, managing growth, and enhancing service. You’ll also find practical publications about exposures, exclusions, and coverages that belong on the shelves of every practicing insurance professional.
Essentials Series
Need specific and practical information ranging from coverages to risk management? There’s a publication in this series for you.
Profile Series
For in-depth studies that set the standard for agency productivity, producer compensation and responsibilities, look no further.
Sales & Marketing Series
For current trends, proven sales strategies, and straight-forward information, these publications are just what you need.
Agency Management Series
Need guidance making changes and improvements? These publications were designed to make your job easier and your agency run smoother.
Coverages & Additional Resources
Here you will find additional resources with the information you need to meet any insurance and risk management industry challenge.


Agency Operations & Procedures Manual

Agency Operations & Procedures Manual
An affordable customizable solution!