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Thursday, Oct 27
Friday, Oct 28
Saturday, Oct 29
Sunday, Oct 30

Download Your Ed Manuals....
Please see the links below to download the handouts for our educational programs. Unless otherwise noted, there will be NO manuals provided onsite.

*To expedite the sign-in process for CE classes, fill out this CE Sign-In Sheet (fillable pdf) with your information, print out copies and bring them with you to Boston. When you go to a CE class, add the date & name of class and hand it to the person at door when you show your photo ID!

Thursday, Oct 27th Friday, Oct 28th Saturday, Oct 29th Sunday, Oct 30th
Nitty Gritty on the Big "Three" Commercial Policies
[available onsite]
Come Explore and Find the Risks as we relate them to the various policies!
[available onsite]
E&O 2016
[available onsite]
HO Ins & Outs (and Ups & Downs)
[available onsite]
State Mandated Training:
Flood Ins & Ethics
[available onsite]
CPIA 1: Position for Success
[available onsite]
Personal Insurance Professional "PIP"
- Day 1 [available onsite]

P&C Licensing - Day 1

Practical E&O: Common Issues and Effective Strategies

Understanding the Businessowners Policy (BOP)
- Day 2 [available onsite]

CPIA 2: Implement for Success [available onsite]
Explore Real Live Auto Claims Exposures...Where is the coverage?
Insuring the Garage Risk Through the BAP
The Homeowner's Policy & the Treatment of Watercraft
Double Your New Business Without Cold Calling
Accountability: Setting Goals...and not Just for your Producers
Mergers & Acquisitions - One Type of Buyer Does Not Fit All
So...What's Going on with Social Media Business Opportunities and our Personal Lines Policies
"Where you Reside" the Hidden HO Exclusion We All Need to Understand!
Explore Real Live Commercial Property Claims
Sell the SHIFT and Boost Your Submit to Bind
BAP v. MAP...If you have the choice...which is better? STREAM
Homeowners - Volatile Topics: "Liquor & Divorce"
Deeper Dive - More Commercial Property Claims
The Digital Marketing Customer Experience
Become Invisible to Lawsuits, Save Thousands in Taxes, and Successfully Pass Assets to Heirs
Values Vision Purpose Passion Influence
Explore Real Live Commercial General Liability Claims
Personal Condo Policies and Master Policy more time! STREAM
Who is a "Resident Relative" & When Are They Covered?
The Social Media Marketing Experience
Personal Insurance Professional "PIP"
- Day 2 [available onsite]
Whole Person - Whole Employee (part of MAIA's CPPL Designation)
[available onsite]
P&C Licensing - Day 2
Handout 1
Handout 2
CPIA 3: Sustain for Success
[available onsite]
Understanding the Businessowners Policy (BOP)
- Day 2 [available onsite]
Practical E&O: Common Issues and Effective Strategies
You Asked, We Answered 2016
Dealing with and Managing Difficult Personalities I
Explore Real Live Homeowners Claims Exposures
Importance of Understanding Innovative Behavioral Sales Skills Versus Traditional Programed Sales Skills - Learn the difference through techniques, tips and scenarios.
D&O - More than Just a  "For Profit" Coverage?
BAP/CGL/ME..What's the Scoop..Who does What to Whom
How to Naturally Heal Your Pain - A 3 pronged integrative approach
New Business Development for Today 
What Kind of Plate, What Kind of Policy and What is the Competition Doing?
Deeper Dive - Into More Homeowner Claims
Discover the Innovative Solutions and Dynamics of Upselling / Cross-Selling that will take your book of business to its next level.
Vacancy - A "Scary" Word for Commercial Insureds!
Auto rental and the MAP...for those of you NOT sick of this subject - the who-what-where and when of it all
Somebody Hacked the Wizard - A Data Breach at the Emerald City Insurance Agency (An E&O Mock Trial)
Explore Real Live Dwelling Fire Claims Exposures
Winning Referral Opportunities and Developing Stronger Client Relationships - Creating Continual Win/Win Situations for Your Clients and Your New Prospects
Coinsurance - Enough Said!
Insuring Habitational Exposures - Part 1
How to Hack Your Body and Mind for Getting The Most Out of Your Life
The Power of Emotional Intelligence
Whatcha Think...Covered or Not - Commercial Liability Issues
Commercial Auto -- Insurance, Registration and Compliance Issues
Cyber Liability & Data Compromise Coverage
Insuring Habitational Exposures - Part 2
Explore Real Live Business Auto Claims Exposures
Your Access to Registry Information: Why You Have It and How You Can Use It
Whatcha Think...Covered or Not - Personal Residential Issues
Employee Theft - What is an Employee?
XSARUS:  Cross selling, Account Rounding and Upselling for Staff and Sales
Deeper Dive - More Business Auto Claims
TNCs: The Latest Scoop
Whatcha Think...Covered or Not - Miscellaneous Personal Lines Issues
Commercial Property Direct Damage Coverage
& The Mystery of Our Definitions
Do You Have the Time (Time Management)
GAME DAY 2016!
CEU Listing & Floor Plan
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