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Thursday, Oct 27
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 Saturday, Nov 2
12:45 pm - 1:45 pm

Intuitive Massage with Charlene

Speaker(s): Charlene A. Cabral, AAI, AIC, LIA, CRIS, Cabral Insurance Consulting & Training

Do you have physical pain in the body? Do you feel that you have tried everything but the pain just won’t go away? Do you know what the pain is trying to tell you? Believe it or not, pain in your body is trying to tell you something... THERE IS A MESSAGE WITHIN THE PAIN. Instructor Charlene Cabral has spent the past 20 years learning different modalities, and after becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist, created what she calls “Intuitive Massage.” Charlene helps people connect to the message within their pain so they gain the awareness of what they have been allowing in their lives. · When you become aware, you become conscious! · When you become conscious, you set yourself free! · When you set yourself free, you become you! · You become whole again! We all are searching for something. What people do not realize is that we are all searching for SELF! If your body is screaming at you in many forms - such as physical pain, sickness, illness, disease - then this class is for you. Come learn how connect to your pain and set yourself free so you can MOVE FORWARD in your life without being STUCK! Stuck means you are not getting the message! Fear keeps us stuck, so release that too!

Charlene A. Cabral is the Owner of Cabral Insurance Consulting & Training as well as the Owner of Ayotte-Cabral Insurance Agency. Both organizations are headquartered in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Charlene teaches various insurance classes and designation courses for a number or Insurance Associations. She has a degree in accounting and received her AAI designation in 1995, her AIC designation in 1996, the LIA designation in 2001 and her CRIS designation in 2008.

Charlene is a speaker at a number of insurance conventions in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. She has spoken at various industry events as well as been a guest speaker for various vendors.

Charlene works with insurance agents to help them achieve their goals. Some areas of focus are mentoring, training and development of new and existing staff, processes and procedure implementation to assist in streamlining and production management. Charlene also provides assistance with retention and methods to increase sales. Since Charlene has been in the insurance industry since 1986 her knowledge and experience is vast and she loves sharing this with other insurance professionals as well as the consumer to help them achieve their goals. Charlene believes that knowledge is power and a well informed individual can make better decisions for himself/herself in any aspect of life, business and/or personal.

Business Auto Bootcamp 101
Business Auto Endorsements: What's Needed for Potential Coverage Gaps!
Company Car…What are the Exposures? How is that different from Vehicles Available for Your Regular Use?
NO Personal Auto in the Household? What does the Named non-owned policy do to fill the potential coverage gaps?
Business Automobile Policy Symbols and How They Activate Coverage or Fall Short!
Business Exposures Within the Personal Account – How Deep Can it Hurt?
Contents Loss Settlement in Personal Policies Is the client being made whole?
Coverage A & B Loss Settlement in Personal Property Policies – Is Replacement Really Replacement?
Use the Policies to Educate your Clients and Protect their Exposures while Minimizing your E&O Exposure

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