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Check Back in October to Download Your Ed Manuals....
Click below to download the handouts for our educational programs. Unless otherwise noted, there will be NO manuals provided onsite.

*To expedite the sign-in process for CE classes, fill out this CE Sign-In Sheet (fillable pdf) with your information, print out copies and bring them with you to Boston. When you go to a CE class, add the date & name of class and hand it to the person at door when you show your photo ID!

Thursday, Oct 27th Friday, Oct 28th Saturday, Oct 29th Sunday, Oct 30th
My How Personal Lines has Changed - Endless Opportunities (Airbnb, drones, Uber, solar panels, personal injury, and social media)
[available onsite]
Homeowners Bootcamp 101
[available onsite]
E&O 2017
[available onsite]
The New World of Commercial Lines Coverages
[available onsite]
State Mandated Training:
Flood & Ethics
[available onsite]
CPIA 1: Position for Success
[available onsite]

Homeowners Bootcamp 101

CPPL: Personal Insurance Professional - Day 1 [available onsite]

P&C Licensing - Day 1 [available onsite]

CPIA 2: Implement for Success [available onsite]

Amending Commercial Liability - Additional Insureds and Certificate Issues
Are There Any Issues With Using The Dwelling For Business? What About the Detatched Garage?
Belly Up to the Bar... OR Maybe Not?
C/C/C and You...Just What DOES Property Damage Liability Cover (or Not)?
Can You "Drink" It All in?
Cyberliability Panel: Exposures, Risk Mitigation and Coverage Solutions
Current Gripes and Conundrums with Banks and Certificates
Do You Know... Whether Insuring the Building to Replacement Cost is Enough - Personal and Commercial Lines
Federal WC - Maritime and the LHWCA
Key E&O Issues Inherent in the Sales Process
Pay For Training with Workforce training Funds... Its YOUR Money!
Social and Digital Marketing for Renewals
Workers' Compensation and the HO Policy
What Does the MA Homeowner Get After a Loss to Their Dwelling? ... Maybe Not What They Think
Why I like the Countrywide PAP Over the MAP and Shouldn't We be Using The PAP Anyway
Why in the World Does and Insured Need an Umbrella Policy For and Why Should We Sell One


CPPL: Personal Insurance Professional -- Day 2 [available onsite]
CPPL: Whole Person - Whole Employee [available onsite]
P&C Licensing - Day 2
[available onsite]
CPIA 3: Sustain for Success
[available onsite]
Avoiding Insurance Industry Burnout! You're Worth it!
Bonding - Not Insurance
BAP v. MAP - If you have the choice, which is better?
Builders Risk - Unique Non-standard Coverages
Essential Tips & Tricks for Account Managers
FLOOD - Policy Details We and the Consumer Need to know
FLOOD - The CBRA Property that Will Give You an E & O Claim
Flood - The History, Details, Marketing and Selling of Flood Insurance
HO - Discovering Buried Secrets
I Hate Condo Coverage... Don't You?
It's My Personal Property... My Homeowners Covers It
Key Time Management and Strateigic Planning Factors for Management Teams and Agency Principals
Key E&O Issues Inherent in the Sales Process
Mind Full or Mindful? Tips and Tricks to De-Stress
Mass Auto Bootcamp 102 - Discussion on Optional Coverage Parts 4-8
Mass Auto Bootcamp 101 - Introduction to Mass Auto Policy & Compulsory Parts 1-4
Mass Auto Bootcamp 103 - Wrapping it up - from Optional Part 9 to when there's an accident or loss
More Q&A Personal Lines Potpourri
Q&A Personal Lines Potpourri
Q&A on Commercial Auto
RMV Records - Who can have it. How to use it.
Salvage Vehicle Process
Snowbirds Have Issues and They Probably Don't Know it, But We May Have a Fix
Someone Was Hurt At My Home! Am I Liable?
SR-22 & IID - What are they? Who Needs them? Is there Coverage?
Underinsurance - The Challenge of Valuing a Home Correctly
What Kind of Plate - What Kind of Policy
When is it Covered? When is it Registered?
GAME DAY 2017!

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