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5 Star Agency Designation

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Five Star Agency Designationsm

The Five Star Agency Designationsm program is designed to analyze your agency's culture and provide you with valuable information and insight that will ultimately effect your bottom line. Whether you're just beginning the journey, somewhere in the middle or within reach of the Five Star Agency Designationsm, your agency will benefit. The program challenges you to continually improve your relationships with your clients, your company partners and your employees.

  Discover the 5 Star way!
Making Your Agency Better

As an Agency owner or principal, you may be running a pretty good business; but how do you know if your agency could operate in a more effective manner?

The Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents has developed the Five Star Agency Designationsm program. Through it, an agency can get assistance in identifying areas that need improvement, and developing and implementing ways to address the problems. Making changes can be difficult for an agency, or for any business, for that matter. Immediate problems, personnel situations, financial resources and lack of time — plus other pressing concerns — combine to promote the “status quo” even though it may be only satisfactory.

By establishing external, objective standards and reviewing an agency’s operations to see how they measure up, this program takes the guesswork out of agency management. With a program like this one, the agency manager who truly wants to operate a business of the highest caliber can find a way to do so. Moreover, that person can know he or she is doing things the right way.
Journey to Five Star

The journey you will take to achieve Five Star Agency status is as important as the designation itself. We recognize this and the challenges that your agency faces every day. To assist you in identifying areas that need improvement and to implement solutions, we have developed a series of programs with our management consultant, Alan Cooper.

Alan will work with each agency on an individual basis and the program he develops will be tailored to you and customized for your agency! Our prices for customized management consulting services are competitive and well worth the investment to improve your bottom line. Please note that the days must be taken consecutively.

Destination . . . Five Star

To attain the Five Star Designation an agency must pass a rigorous fitness review. The review requires a team to go into an agency and conduct confidential interviews with agency personnel. Upon completion, the team meets and discusses their findings on each set of criteria and presents the agency with a detailed report listing their strengths and areas of improvement. Strict grading standards are followed by all team members and all information is kept totally confidential. When an agency meets the criteria by scoring high enough, a Five Star Designation will be awarded for distinction.

A fitness review is required every three years to maintain the designation. If an agency does not reach Five Star status, the association can design a system of study to help them see improvements immediately and lead them to a greater level of distinction. The process and reexamination will be different for every agency. Most insurance companies recognize the value of the Five Star Agency Designationsm and many have already supported their agency partners in taking their first steps of the journey. The process takes a minimum of three days at $1,800 per day. Additional days may be needed depending upon the size of your agency.

To find out how you can begin your journey to the Five Star Agency Designationsm, please contact Heather Kramer, CIC, Vice President of Training at 800.742.6363 or email