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Preliminary Five Star Review

Preliminary Five Star Review

... So you want to arm yourself with good information and move forward with areas in your agency that could be improved but not quite ready for a Full Five Star Review...then this is for you!

It's easy how the Five Star Preliminary Review works...
  1. All staff (or as many as can be accommodated) are interviewed on a chosen day. The interviews may be with individuals or in groups and they may be in person or over the phone. These logistics will be determined by the size of your agency, and remember...ANY size agency can participate in this program.

  2. A report will be created using the feedback from the interviews.
    What does the report tell you? In bullet point format, it will reveal

    • What your Strengths are in the following areas:
      Customer Focus, Management, Human Resources, Process & Products, and Future Success

    • What your Areas of Improvements are in the following areas:
      Customer Focus, Management, Human Resources, Process & Products, and Future Success

  3. This report will be reviewed with the agency owners/management staff usually within 1 or 2 days of the interviews. What is discussed at the review in addition to the agency's strengths and areas of improvement?

    • An overall impression of your agency in relationship to the Five Star Key Imperatives with tips
      and suggestions on how to possibly work on the Areas of Improvements mentioned in the report.


Is there any follow up with this program?
Yes, a follow-up phone call will be given between 3 -- 6 months after your review to offer any further assistance and to just check in to see how your agency is progressing. Additionally, if you have any questions prior to that follow up call, you are certainly able to call us in advance of that as many times as you would like.

What size agency is this program designed for?

This is truly one of those times when you can say size does not matter! Small, medium, large -- it does not matter. The process is for anyone who wants to start working on improving their agency.

Do I HAVE to pursue the Five Star Agency Designationsm if I go through this?
No, while we think the full review and program are invaluable tools to better your agency, there is no commitment to do this.

If I do decide to pursue the Five Star Agency Designationsm, what is that like?
If you are interested in pursuing the designation, Heather will go over how a review would work for your particular agency.

Is there a cost involved?
Yes, there is. This entire process -- review, report and presentation -- is only $500.00. AND, if you do decide to move forward with the Five Star Agency Designationsm, $250.00 of that will be credited towards your full review fee if you complete the full review within a year.

Who would be doing this?
Heather Kramer, Vice President of Training, at the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents. Heather has done countless reviews of agencies and has been an integral part of the Five Star program since its design and inception in 1999.

What criteria is this based on?
This is based on the same 17 criteria as the Five Star Agency Designationsm. To see a full description of this criteria, please click here.

Who do I contact if I am interested?
Please contact Heather Kramer, Vice President & COO, at the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents. She can be reached at 800-742-6363, 508-634-2900 x369 or