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Notice to Utica E&O Policyholders

Please read – Important Information regardingthe
Insolvency Exclusion of your E&O Policy.


Utica P&C Insurance Agent E&O Policyholders


Ann Tobin, Agency Manager


February 2010


INSOLVENCY EXCLUSION – your written request may be required to secure coverage for certain markets you place business with.

Based on the economic challenges over the past few years, we thought it prudent to point out the "Insolvency Exclusion" – Section III, #16 of your Utica E&O policy.

Utica continually reviews the economic rating of AM Best Rated carriers and the financial standing of Non-rated Companies, Self Insured Funds, Self Insured Groups and Risk Purchasing Groups.  This review allows Utica to maintain an internal list of acceptable carriers/entities that either automatically include insolvency coverage or if approved, can be endorsed to your policy.

Insolvency Exclusion #16 of your policy states that you have insolvency coverage for all business placed with entities rated "B" or higher by AM Best and government bodies (i.e. FAIR Plan, WC Pool, JUA's, etc.) at the time of placement, which is the most recent coverage effective (New or Renewal) date.  To understand where insolvency coverage is excluded, we recommend all insured read the exclusion.

Can the Insolvency Exclusion be endorsed back onto the policy?
In some cases – yes!
If you are doing business with a Non-rated company, coverage may be available.  You must make a written request to your Utica Underwriter including the names of the Non-rated companies you wish to cover. 
If approved, ENDORSEMENT 14-E-1088 – AMENDMENT OF INSOLVENCY EXCLUSION – EXCEPTION FOR SPECIFIED "NR" RATED ENTITIES will be added to your policy.  There is no charge for this endorsement but again, you must request coverage for all carriers in writing. 

Can this apply to any Self Insured Funds, Self Insured Groups, or Risk Purchasing Groups?  In some cases – yes!  
You must make a written request including the names of these groups you wish to cover.  If approved, ENDORSEMENT 14-E-0058 - INSOLVENCY COVERAGE FOR SPECIFIED ENTITIES will be added to your policy.  There is usually a small additional premium based on the amount of volume placed through these entities. 

Utica's approval list is constantly updated and if you are placing business with NR carriers and other specified entities – you should review your policy and/or speak with your Utica underwriter to see if coverage can be secured.

This information applies to the P & C Standard policy only and does not apply to the Life E&O or Protector E&O programs offered by Utica.

For assistance with the E&O Program, contact Ellen Stoppel or Michelle St. Angelo at or or call 800.742.6363.

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