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RLI PUP Access

Submit new business, view policy documents, check on policy and billing status and more.
RLI "PUP ACCESS" Submission Process for Personal Umbrellas

Make Paper Applications a thing of the past! Take the whole application process online with "PUP ACCESS".

How it works…

  1. You log in to PUP Access to start the online application and forward to your insured to verify and complete all information.
  2. You will confirm the application is complete and provide the insured access to eSign and pay their bill directly.

    Insureds will be granted access to their applications when you either:

    • Send a secure email to the insured to eSign and Pay Online.
    • Verbally provide your insured the website address, their personal login id and password.

What ELSE does PUP Access help with?

  • Policy Status
  • Billing Information
  • Copies of Policies, Endorsements, Renewal Applications, Policy Notices and Renewal Bills.


  1. Obtain your PUP ACCESS User ID
  2. View these training tools:

For more information about the RLI Personal Umbrella Liability Policy, contact:

Chris Kivior
RLI & Safeco Program Manager
Number One Insurance Agency, Inc.
800.742.6363 ext. 360


  • If your insured does not "fit" RLI's Personal Umbrella Program, try Anderson & Murison (A&M) - National Program, Endorsed by IIABA.

  • Are your clients covered by a Long Term Policy? Learn more about the LTCi solution for MAIA Member Agents and their clients.