Start generating leads ... MAIA's new digital advertising campaign gets the word out about independent agents. The campaign microsite, the Independent Agent Finder, helps people find agents in their area and generates new leads for your agency.

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What You Should Know: MAIA's Digital Advertising Campaign
What Makes a Great Profile

A quick note ... One licensed individual at each agency location should complete a profile. Remember the personality you put into this profile is what will make it stand out from the crowd.

1. Name (required)
Enter your full name as you’d like it to appear on the website.
2. Your Email Address (required)
It’s one of the ways prospects will contact you.

3. Your Phone Number (required)
It’s another way prospects will contact you.

4. Agency Name (required)
Enter the name of the company you work for.

5. Agency Address (required)
Enter your company’s office location.

6. Choose the insurance products that are offered within your Agency (required)


Automobile Flood
Renters Life
Umbrella RV
Motorcycle Watercraft
ATV/Snowmobile Collectible Auto
Farm Health
Identity Fraud Jet-Ski (or similar)
Pet Special Event
Trailer Vacant Land
Homeowners Valuable Items


Property General Liability
Business Owners / Package Business Automobile
Workers’ Compensation Directors & Officers
Professional Liability Employment Practices Liability
Employee Benefits Bonds
Builders Risk Cyber Liability
Inland Marine Other

7. Agency Website (optional)
Enter your company website URL.

8. A Picture of You (optional)
Share a high-resolution photo that captures your personality.
Try to avoid professional headshots.
File requirements: Files should be in .jpg or .png format and should be at least 500x500 pixels. Maximum file size is 250k.

9. Social Channels (optional)
List URLs for your personal or company social channels.
Only provide the ones you wish to make public.

10. Your Bio (optional)
Write a few sentences about yourself. Include unique tidbits that will get prospects interested in working with you, and help you stand out. Keep it short and casual.

11. Local Activities (optional)
List things you do to be involved in your community, like volunteer work.

12. Interests (optional)
List the things that keep you busy on the weekends, like hobbies or favorite TV shows.

13. Favorite Sports (optional)
Choose one from the list, or write your own.
Instant conversation starter.

Touchdown! Football all the way.
Take me out to the ballgame.
Swish! I'm a Basketball fan.
I'm all about hockey.
Love every Boston team.
Whatever’s on. I just love the snacks.

14. Pets (optional)
Choose one from the list to connect with fellow animal lovers — or write in your own.

I'm a dog person.
I'm a cat person.
If it's furry, I'm a fan.
Fish totally count.
I’ve got a farm full of them.
Animals? In the house? Nope.

You will represent the agency and be the main point of contact for new leads generated by this campaign - so expect to reach out to new leads as quickly as possible! Stay-tuned for the campaign launch!

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