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Electronic Policy Payment

ePayPolicy allows you to start accepting credit cards and ACH payments through your very own online, company-branded, payment portal.

There are several credit card payment solutions available today, but the ePay platform was built by insurance professionals. The ePayPolicy understands the unique challenges brokers face everyday. Receving premium payments should not be one of them.

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 Mar 28, 2017 2:30 PM EST

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  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery, and ACH payments.
  • No setup fee.
  • Subscribe for $20 per month, but cancel at anytime.
  • Fees: Payment processing is 3.25% on credit cards, and $3 per ACH.
    Fees can be passed through to the customer.
  • Start accepting payments within 24 hours.
  • Sign up in just five minutes at ePayPolicy.com or call 512.585.4545.
  • Be sure to use the promo code "maiameber" when signing up.
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Liquor Liability Program

Liquor Liability Program
Policies available for "Temporary Events" and eligible businesses

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