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MAIA Membership Application

Membership in MAIA is open to independent, licensed insurance agencies doing business as individuals, partnerships, corporations or other forms of business organizations operating within and subscribing to the principles, aims and objectives of the American Agency System or required to do business with a non-agency company under a state-created insurance program.
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Sole Proprietorship
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Sheron Gagnon
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for prorated dues.
Dues for MAIA are based on the number of personnel working in your agency. For the 2017 Association year, dues are as follows:
For the purpose of determining the proper dues category, "agency personnel" includes owners, principals, solicitors, producers (whether salaried or paid by commission), in-house brokers, CSRs, clerk-typists and other office support staff who work twenty (20) hours per week or more.
1-2   employees $575.00
3-5   employees $680.00
6-7   employees $820.00
8-9   employees $995.00
10-15   employees $1,215.00
16-20   employees $1,550.00
21-25   employees $2,180.00
26-30   employees $2,780.00
over 30   employees $3,630.00

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