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 New Features Make RLI’s Personal Umbrella Even Easier (7/27/2021) 

New Features Make RLI’s Personal Umbrella Even Easier

Who needs a personal umbrella? In a word, EVERYBODY. Anyone who has a job, a car, or property can lose everything if they are found liable in a lawsuit. Judgments often go well above the limits of underlying policies, with potential results ranging from selling assets, to garnished wages or future earnings. Through MAIA’s Number One Insurance Agency, you can protect your clients with a stand-alone Personal Umbrella Policy from A+ rated carrier RLI, with new payment options and e-signature features that make it easier than ever for you and them! 

NEW! AmEx Payment Option

RLI now accepts American Express, the newest addition to their convenient payment options, which include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and electronic payment via a checking or savings account.

NEW! Pay Now, E-Sign Email

RLI’s PUP quoting platform now offers a signature option that allows an agent to process a payment authorization at point of sale, and enables the client to electronically sign the application. Similar to RLI’s other electronic signature and payment authorization methods, once an agent enters the payment information, the insured must still sign the application in order for it to be eligible to be bound by the administrator.

And don’t forget, with the RLI Portal, agents to have direct access to:

  • New business quoting & application completion
  • Electronic signature & various online payment options
  • Check policy status
  • Download policy documents & billing statements

Don’t have RLI Portal access? Email Number One Program Manager Angelina Coelho and she’ll send you and any of your employees an invite to set up your direct access today!


Email Angelina at or call her at 508-634-7360.


 2021 Outstanding CSR of The Year Award State Winners! (7/27/2021) 

2021 Outstanding CSR of The Year Award State Winners!

Big congratulations to Debra Gerraughty, CISR, CRIS, CPIA, PWCAM, of C&S Insurance, on being named the 2021 Outstanding CSR of the Year for Massachusetts! Presented by The National Alliance, OCSRY Awards honor customer service representatives and account managers who have made significant contributions to the insurance and risk management industry. Other New England state winners include Maine’s Cassie Fostun, CISR, of the F.A. Peabody Company; and Vermont’s Aislyn Allen, CISR Elite, AAI, of Kinney Insurance Agency. 

CLICK HERE for the full list of 2021 State Winners.

To be eligible for this National Alliance award, the candidate must be an insurance customer service representative or have primary responsibility for insurance customer service duties.

MAIA announces the nomination period for these National Alliance awards each year in The MassAgent newsletter. Think about who in your agency might be a great candidate, and watch for the 2022 nominations and applications!  Learn More


 RMV Low Number Plate Lottery Kicks-off! (7/22/2021) 

RMV Low Number Plate Lottery Kicks-off!

The MA RMV is now accepting online applications for the 2021 Low Number Plate Lottery. Applicants must apply by August 27. Winners will be notified after the virtual drawing September 8. There is no fee to apply. The complete list of plates, including eligibility and rules, can be found HERE.


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