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 Updated Company Auto Insurance Filings - November 2022 (9/23/2022) 

P&C Company Filings - November 2022

MAIA periodically visits the Division of Insurance to collect the latest information about each company’s private passenger automobile insurance rules, rates, and forms filings. Recent changes and updates are presented here.

Visit our Company Filings webpage to review the full filings.

Questions? Contact Kathy Cormier at [email protected] or 508-634-7353.

 Company  Filing  Date/Rate Impact

 CMRC133373562 – Form/Rate/Rule  01/01/23 New/Renew +6.5%
 CMRC133408034 – Rule  01/01/23 New/Renew
 CMRC13395041 – Rate/Rule  02/01/23 New/Renew
 Everspan Insurance Company  BRFI133032916 – Form/Rate/Rule  10/15/22 New to MA
 Farmers Property & Casualty  FAIG133350987 – Rate/Rule  10/31/22 New/Renew +5%
 Foremost P&C
(Farmers Insurance Group)
 FARM133295993 – Rate/Rule  11/28/22 New 01/01/23 Renew +7%
 Hanover  HNVRG133349125 - Rate Motorcycle  11/01/22 New & 11/07/22 Renew +8%
 Incline Casualty  ICCC133381794 – Rate/Rule  11/01/22 New & 12/15/22 Renew +4.9%
 ISO  ISOF133214719 – Rate/Rule  05/01/23 New/Renew
 Permanent General Assurance (The General)  HMSS133381963 – Rate/Rule  11/01/22 New 12/15/22 Renew +9.5%
 Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (PURE)  PRIV133331718 – Rate  12/17/21 New 02/15/23 Renew +4.9%
 Progressive Casualty  PRGS133358749 – Rate  12/02/22 New & 12/30/22 Renew +10.1%
 Progressive Direct  PRGS133358430 – Rate   11/18/22 New & 12/16/22 New +7.5%
 LBPM133331346 – Rate  12/08/22 New & 01/14/23 Renew +21.7%
 LBPM132770175 – Rate/Rule  08/28/21 New & 08/07/21 Renew
 Standard Fire  TRVD133384199 – Rate/Rule  12/20/22 New & 01/19/23 Renew +6%
USAA USAA Casualty Ins Co
USAA General Indemnity
Garrison P&C
 USAA133430448 – Rate  11/21/22 New & 01/06/22 Renew + 12.9% +15.1%
 Vermont Mutual  VERM133377178 – Rate  01/01/23 New/Renew +9.7%



 Moped Expiration Decal Change (10/17/2022) 

Moped Expiration Decal Change

Moped registrations/plates are valid for two years and expire on the last day of March. Currently, moped expiration decals are issued with the format MONTH YEAR (example: MAR 23, MAR 24).

Beginning with moped registrations/plates expiring in March 2025, we are switching to the standard expiration decals that are used for other vehicles. This means that they will no longer include the month and will only show the year they expire.
This change will speed up the moped renewal process because we can use the current embedded stock to renew mopeds rather than the manual process used today.

Law enforcement has been notified of this change.

Read the full release HERE.

For Registry-related questions, you may also contact MAIA's Member Relations Advocate, Kathy Cormier, at [email protected] or 508-634-7353.


 New RMV Service Center Services Handout (10/17/2022) 

New RMV Service Center Services Handout

A new handout called RMV Service Center Services (document LIC118) has been created. This handout contains information on which RMV transactions require an appointment, which can be processed in an RMV Service Center without an appointment, and which cannot be processed in RMV Service Centers. View the handout HERE.

Please provide this handout to customers with questions or use it to answer customer inquiries.

For Registry-related questions, you may also contact MAIA's Member Relations Advocate, Kathy Cormier, at [email protected] or 508-634-7353.


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