WAHVE Remote Staffing

Experienced insurance pros who work for your agency remotely

WAHVE - putting experience to work

WAHVE is an innovative remote staffing solution for insurance agencies, insurance companies, and MGAs to optimize their workforce. They help you realign business strategies to focus on customer service, customer retention, and growth by providing the right talent to perform support work.

Who Are WAHVEs?

A "WAHVE" is a Work At Home Vintage Expert. WAHVEs are technologically savvy, retired insurance industry professionals who want to continue to work from home (via secure web connections) to supplement their income on a full-time, part-time or project basis. They have years of insurance experience; multiple designations, degrees and licenses; and institutional knowledge and expertise! 

Special Pricing for MAIA members!

  • Save 40-50% on staff and overhead
  • Gain highly experienced & knowledgeable talent with no costly training time!
  • Free up highly-paid staff for more time with clients and prospects, thus increasing retention, new business, and revenue
  • Plus... the $2,500 one time set-up fee will be WAHVE'd for MAIA Members!

To make a hire or answer any questions you may have, please contact:

Bill Hunt, Chief Sales Officer
[email protected]

Be sure to mention you're a MAIA member!