Business Owner & Hospitality Markets

Hospitality Mutual Insurance Company and other markets offering coverage for your hospitality clients. Liquor Liability, General Liability, Commercial Property, Excess & Temporary Event policies. 

New Business Information

A completed application with 12 months of sales verification is required to quote coverage. Completed submissions can be faxed or uploaded via our secured Submission Portal.

BOP & Hospitality Applications

Business Owner’s Policy with The Hartford:  Acord 125Acord 126 & Acord 140


Hospitality Risks: Mono-line Liquor Liability, BOP, Hospitality Package Policy

 Sales Verification Documentation must accompany all applications. Options are:

  • Print out of the insured’s Point of Sale (POS) System (food & alcohol broken down) – Prior 12 Month Report.
  • Mass Connect – MA Online Monthly Sales Tax Report – Prior 12 Month’s Reports. (food & alcohol broken down)Learn More
  • Quickbooks or similar accounting system printout with food and liquor sales – prior 12 months
  • Signed statement by licensed accountant verifying projected liquor and food sales-based on prior 12 months of sales

Liquor Liability:

Business Owner’s Policy:

HMIC Package with General Liability & Property:

Visit and go to Policyholders Section to locate Insurance Approved Alcohol-Awareness Programs.

Eligible Businesses

  • Bars, Grills, Taverns, Bowling Alleys
  • Stores – package stores, beer distributors, drug stores, markets
  • Clubs – Country, golf, civic, fraternal, social
  • Restaurants – Stand-alone and within Hotels, Motels, Malls, etc.
  • Manufacturers – including Micro Brewery, Brew Pubs and Wineries with or without hospitality rooms.  (For LL only, due to no recall coverage.  GL can be considered if not heavy distribution, is local and not interstate.  No residential delivery or by mail.)
  • Wholesale Distributors – including importers (No Consumption on Premises)
  • Temporary Event Policies (Weddings, Private Parties)

Coverage Features

  • Liquor Liability coverage with limits up to $1M per person / $1M per occurrence / $2M aggregate, with no deductibles.
  • Comprehensive GL with limits up to $1M per occurrence / $2M aggregate, with no deductibles. Offered with optional EPL endorsement.
  • Commercial Property (Requires HMIC GL) – Cyber Liability coverage is included on all Commercial Property policies.
  • Property Damage coverage can be endorsed onto a Liquor Liability policy for a 5% premium charge and $100 minimum.

Potential Credits

Lower Your Insureds' Liquor Liability Premiums!

If any of these apply to your client, be sure to put that information on the application. (Copies of training certificates are required to bind coverage)

  • Alcohol-Awareness Training (10%) ALL managers and servers or sales personnel must be certified in an approved alcohol-awareness program. CLICK HERE to see approved programs. (NOTE: Retail/Liquor Stores that do NOT have trained personnel will be placed in HMIC’s standard rating tier, which may increase premium significantly.)
  • Age Verification Systems (5%) for approved systems.
  • MA Restaurant Association Membership – Let us know if they are a member. HMIC will review and determine credit eligibility.  If eligible, have your insured: CLICK HERE to join or renew.
  • Fine Dining (10%) Close by 12:00 AM, charge over $4 for domestic beer, liquor sales under 60%.
  • Loss Free Credit (20% - 40% varies by state) 5 years loss-free with Hospitality Mutual.

Service Existing Business

Renewal Payment Options

  • By Mail: Hospitality Insurance Group, 106 Southville Road, Southborough, MA 01772.  Please include policy number on the check.
  • Pay Online:
  •  Pay by Phone: For Credit Card/ACH payment call 877-366-1140

Certificate of Insurance

Agents may issue a certificate of insurance, but we suggest making sure the policy is in force before issuing and noting your file.
After issuing the certificate, you are required to email a copy to Chris Hess or fax to 508-634-2930. We will forward this certificate on to HMIC.

Endorsements, Reinstatements & Cancellations

Endorsements, Reinstatements & Cancellations:  Please forward signed requests to Chris Hess or fax to 508-634-2930.

Report a Claim

Email [email protected] or fax to (508) 836-4640.

To report a claim, please refer the insured to their policy documentation for instructions. The Number One Insurance Agency, Inc. is not responsible for claim handling or reporting claims to the insurance company. As always, feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Program Commission

Coverage for your Clients

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Chris Hess