2021 Outstanding CSR of The Year Award State Winners!

Big congratulations to Debra Gerraughty, CISR, CRIS, CPIA, PWCAM, of C&S Insurance, on being named the 2021 Outstanding CSR of the Year for Massachusetts! Presented by The National Alliance, OCSRY Awards honor customer service representatives and account managers who have made significant contributions to the insurance and risk management industry. Other New England state winners include Maine’s Cassie Fostun, CISR, of the F.A. Peabody Company; and Vermont’s Aislyn Allen, CISR Elite, AAI, of Kinney Insurance Agency. 

CLICK HERE for the full list of 2021 State Winners.

To be eligible for this National Alliance award, the candidate must be an insurance customer service representative or have primary responsibility for insurance customer service duties.

MAIA announces the nomination period for these National Alliance awards each year in The MassAgent newsletter. Think about who in your agency might be a great candidate, and watch for the 2022 nominations and applications!  Learn More