Protect Your Lawyer Clients from Scary Liability Claims

Attorneys need E&O coverage, but if you’ve never written a Lawyer’s Professional Liability Insurance (LPLI) policy before, you might find the prospect a bit spooky! There’s no need to fear, MAIA’s Number One Agency is here! We’ve been selling LPLI policies since 2005, and our LPLI Program Manager will walk you through the whole process. One of our carriers, Westport (AM Best Rated A+ Superior; competitive policy in both coverage and rate) has written a helpful article about the types and trends of the E&O claims that can “haunt” attorneys. Give it a once-over and reach out to Number One to get started on this new revenue stream for your agency! 

Read about legal malpractice claims by area of law, type of activity giving rise to a claim, firm size, and amount of expense/indemnity payment in this American Bar Association (ABA) summary by Ellen McCarthy, Senior Product Underwriter and Risk Management Leader: ABA Profile of Legal Malpractice Claims

Then, check out Number One’s Lawyers' Professional Liability webpage! Ready to get started?

Contact Michelle St. Angelo, LPLI Program Manager, at [email protected] or 508-634-7364!