RMV ‘Get Ready” Service Streamlines Registration & Title Transactions

The RMV is offering a ‘Get Ready’ web service that allows users to start registration and title transactions online.  Get Ready cuts down on the data entry process, significantly reduces the time at the registry and eliminates inconvenient, frustrating clerk rejections.

The service sends the Agent-entered data into ATLAS through an interactive process that quickly and accurately completes the transaction.  Once approved, a QR coded RTA will be electronically provided from the RMV including a list of documents required for a branch visit.

The agent has two options.  First, they can email the RTA and its attached instructions to the insured, allowing them to go the RMV without requiring an agency visit.  Alternately, the Agent can print a hard copy which the runner or customer can take to the RMV Service Center/AAA location for processing. 

The RMV/AAA clerk can quickly retrieve the information from ATLAS using the barcode, verify the documentation, scan the documents, collect the fees, and issue the registration, plates, and decals (if needed). 

Insurance agents using Boston Software’s SinglePoint to create the Registration and Title Application (RTA) can use ‘Get Ready’ for a new Registration and Title, Transfer, Registration Only, and Title Only with more transactions to come.

Does your agency currently use Boston Software’s SinglePoint?  If so, you already have access to “Get Ready” included in your subscription.

Note: The Registration & Title Application (RTA) can be submitted either as single or double sided.


For Registry-related questions, you may also contact MAIA's Member Relations Advocate, Kathy Cormier, at [email protected] or 508-634-7353.