P&C Company Filings - February 2023

MAIA periodically visits the Division of Insurance to collect the latest information about each company’s private passenger automobile insurance rules, rates, and forms filings. Recent changes and updates are presented here.

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 Company  Filing  Date/Rate Impact
  ARMU133439908 Rate  03/01/23 New/Renew +5.7%
Citizens Ins. Co. of America  HNVRG133432724 Rate  02/01/23 New/Renew +3.9%
 Commerce  CMRC133479974 Rate/Motorcycle  04/01/23 New/Renew +6.5%
 Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurers (MAIP)  CARI133408726 Rate/Rule  05/01/23 New/Renew
 Foremost Insurance Co.  BRWS133463801 Rate/Rule  03/02/23 New 04/01/23 Renew +20.7%
 Foremost Property & Casualty  FARM133439183 Rule  02/01/23 New/Renew

 GEICO General Ins.
 Government Employees Ins

 GECC133118845Part 1
 GECC133118845Part 2
 GECC133118845Part 3

 09/01/22 New 10/18/22 Renew +10.8%
 GECC133424510 Rule  12/06/22 New/Renew
 Hanover Insurance  HNVRG133444979 Rate/Rule  02/01/23 New/Renew +4%
 Incline Casualty (Embark)  ICCC1335032899 Form/Rate/Rule  02/15/23 New 04/01/23 Renew +9.5%
 Main Street American Protection  NGMC133445068 Rate  12/24/22 New 01/28/23 Renew +5.9%