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This question was answered based upon current rules, regulations & statutes in effect on October 17, 2017

Please correct me if I’m wrong but to register a 5000 commercial TRN would be $50.00 because it’s after 9/1?

Thank you


Kathy Cormier:  Yes, all commercial and trailer fees are reduced by ½ on September 1.

Agent:  I just let our client know that it would only be $50.00 to renew the registration and she said that she wants to know if that’s how much it would cost to renew the registration if they were reducing  the weight limit from 10,000 lbs. to 5,000 lbs.

She said that she was confused because she has a TRN that only weighs 2000 lbs. and it costs her $200.00 to renew the registration.

I just don’t know how to answer her.

Thank you

Kathy Cormier:  This doesn’t make sense…a 2,000 lbs trailer would be charged $40 @ $20 per 1000 lbs.

Here are the fees for a trailer:

TRN **Trailer Normal   Minimum    20.00 (Per 1000 lbs)

If she is being charged $200 for a 2,000 lb trailer I need to see what she got for a renewal.

Agent:  Since it is after 9/1/17, wouldn’t it be only $10.00 per 1,000 lbs?

Kathy Cormier:  Yes, the commercial and trailer registrations are reduced by ½ as of September 1.

Agent: The insured said that she wants to change the weight limit, is that the same as the GVW?

Kathy Cormier:  It is not recommended to reduce the GVWR of a truck or trailer below what is specified by the manufacturer as fines can be substantial if they are wrong.  I would strongly advise the client against this and if they are insistence I would suggest getting a signoff from the customer that they are changing the GVWR against your advice and you can keep that in the customer file…just in case it comes back that you said it was ok to do this.

Also under the private passenger definition they added language to use the GVWR of the Manufacturer…this is true for a trailer as well:

C. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating means the value specified by the manufacturer as the loaded weight of a single vehicle.

I hope this helps.  Good luck!

Kathy Cormier:  I was just going over our conversation thread below and I believe there is some confusion on your part about the fees being reduced by ½ that I didn’t catch yesterday.  The RMV will reduce the cost for new commercial and trailer plates issued by ½ after September 1.  If your client is processing a trailer renewal it will be for the full fee…this ½ reduction is on new plates only.

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