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High quality instruction while watching from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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We understand that your education is a mix of classroom, webinar, streaming and online studies. We also understand that sometimes it comes down to the last minute and our traditional programs cannot always fill your needs.

In an effort to be a resource for ALL your needs, we have partnered with to provide you with an excellent online option that is backed by The Institutes (AICPCU/IIA). Through our partnership with, you will be provided a 30% discount on any of their quality continuing education courses when you register below.

On-Line New Employee Courses:   Click for online offerings        

In this "virtual classroom," new employees log on to the course via the computer each week to get the training they need.  Your new hire can connect with other rookies, bounce questions off the facilitator, and learn about critical service and communication skills in manageable pieces in the comfort of their home or office!

On-Line CISR:

Attend our CISR courses in the classroom or go online -- the choice is yours! Anytime you have access to the Internet, class is in session.

Self-Study AAI:  Click for Self-Study Options
  • The AAI Designation Program can be taken as self-study.  Contact the Education Team at 800-742-6363 or email at least 2 WEEKS PRIOR to the date that you wish to take your exam (there are a total of 9 exams).

  • If you pass each exam, you will receive 8 CEUs per segment. If you fail an exam, you will receive no CEUs.