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Flood Insurance

This program is available to Massachusetts Insureds ONLY.
To provide your clients with flood insurance coverage
The Hartford Insurance Company (rated A "Excellent" by A.M. Best)

Hartford Flood has teamed up with the Number One Insurance Agency, Inc. to make the business of writing flood insurance easy for you!

Flood just got easier...

Simple Enrollment Begins Here:  

Complete the Flood Enrollment Kit and fax it to the Agency Services Fax Number provided in the top section of the first page.  Be sure to include ALL items on the checklist.

When approved, you will be assigned a producer's code and pin# for easy on-line access at

Highly Competitive Commissions:  

Member agents receive 20% commission for new and rollover business and 19% commission for renewal business as long as Number One's book continues to exceed $2 million.

Online Access:  

Quote - Pay - Endorse - Get Training!

The Hartford's WYO Flood Program features include Application & Commissions Download, Direct Deposit & Online Payments, Website Features & Phone and Email Contacts.

Also available - Individual producer website training is available and a 'Help Desk' during business hours.

Roll-over Current Policies and Receive 20% New Business Commission for the 1st Year with The Hartford:

Call Marcia Eden, Transfer and Training Consultant    - Marcia will review your information and work with you to create a smooth transition for your agency and your clients.

Office:  (704) 972-5917 or Cell:  (704) 589-3302       

Roll-over Basics:

  • Sign an authorization to roll-over the business that includes a list of your named insureds, carrier, expiration date and policy number.
  • Based on the assigned carrier, you may need to pull the declaration page for each insured.
  • If the policy was rated with an elevation certificate, you will need to also provide for processing.
  • Marcia will guide you as to what effective date will the first roll-over take place and how to go about notifying your clients of the process and what to expect.

EZ Flood - It Doesn't get Easier Than This:

  • For most ‘A’ Flood Zones – [It can be A(#) or (letter) for example: Ae Zone.]
  • Residential Single Family Properties: Primary, Secondary or Rental!
  • Townhouses and Row Houses qualify if they are from the Ground Floor to the Roof in design.
  • When quoting a risk that fits this eligibility, The Hartford’s WYO Website will automatically direct you to EZ Flood, a new Private Flood Market Product. 

Excess Flood Coverage:

  • Coverage for Residential and Commercial properties
  • Coverage up to $5MM (building and contents combined) for structures with replacement cost value up to $10MM
  • Excess Flood Coverages in all states except AK, KY, & NY
  • We offer coverage for all residential risks except condominiums
  • Terrorism available for Non Residential and Other Residential risks
  • Excess Flood Highlight Sheet
  • Excess Flood Customer Service:  888-281-0684

Ineligible Risks/Coverage:

  • Buildings in COBRA zones, Emergency Program and/or Negative elevated risks.
  • Non-residential contents or Residential Contents without Building Coverage.
  • Residential Condominium Association Building Policies (RCBAP) & Single Condo Units
  • Risks with total replacement cost/actual cash value greater than $10 million.

How to bring up Flood Coverage with your insureds?

Flood Insurance Resources:

  Rollover Team:
(accounts not with The Hartford)
  Customer Service:  800-637-3846
  Agency Services Fax:    406-755-4403
  Agency Services Phone:  866-796-7582
  For more information from Number One Agency, Inc. contact Judy Carlson at the at 1-800-742-6363 or email


Selective Insurance Company (rated A+ "Superior" by A.M. Best) service your clients’ flood insurance needs in a professional, timely and efficient manner.

For more information, contact Judy Carlson at the Number One Agency, Inc. at 1-800-742-6363 or email