August, 2012

PUP Special – For your “Special Clients”

We all know that to the independent agent, every client is special. But we also know that some clients require a little more creativity than others when trying to place their umbrella policy.

RLI introduced their PUP Special Rating in 2012 to allow higher exposure counts on $1 Million Umbrella Policies.  Previously many of these exposures would have disqualified insureds from the program entirely.

Some examples (subject to additional fees):
Up to 10 Vehicles in the household.
Up to 10 Properties in the household.
Up to 8  Drivers in the household.
Up to 6 Moving Violations in the household.
Up to 3 At Fault Accidents in the household.
Now allows drivers who have been licensed less than 1 year and/or have a non US Drivers License.
Now allows 1 DUI in the household.
Now allows drivers aged 20, 21 and 80+ to have 1 incident.
Up to 1,280 Acres of farmland.
Up to 5 Properties Owned Outside the US.

What does this mean? There is a little extra leeway when your personal lines clients don’t quite fit inside the standard box.

RLI Insurance Company is rated A+ “Superior” by A.M. Best Company and remains our source for Stand Alone Umbrella Policies. Click in to see the full application and schedule of rates with additional exposure charges.

For more information about the RLI Personal Umbrella Liability Policy, contact Linda Hafner, RLI Program Manager at the Number One Insurance Agency, Inc. at 800.742.6363 ext. 368.

WC: Be on Target with Our Markets

We want you to be on target with our markets. The Number One Agency continues to offer workers’ compensation with three carriers to the MAIA membership and provides the extra level of service you’ve come to expect from the Number One Agency.  Take a look at the markets we’re targeting these days and be sure to think of us the next time you have a risk to place.

Take a look at our target markets.

Send in your new business applications and inquiries to Barbara Lobdell via email at or by fax to (508) 634-2931.

Big "I" Retirement Services – Exclusively for Independent Agents

We know you want to be independent when you retire, and you know that planning is key to make sure that happens. MAIA members may consider looking into Big 'I' Retirement Services, which offers a variety of plans, quality investments, and administration focused on the independent agent.

Expert and free consultations to agencies seeking out a new retirement option, looking to roll-over an existing plan, or those interested in discussing options that will be customized and tailored to your business. With, we encourage you to explore the plan options for 401K, IRA, and SEP plans.

Get started by contacting Christine Munoz at (800) 848-4401 or for a free, no-pressure plan consultation. You’ve been independent all along, don’t let retirement change that.

Help us keep you well informed!

Please update our office when there are changes to your email address (or with your agency staff). Also, please remember to include an email contact when sending any new business submissions. Keeping us informed helps us service you faster.

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September is National Preparedness Month. Learn more about protecting your business, your clients, and your community at FEMA's site,

Meet Your Agency Team

Linda Hafner is the newest member of the Agency Team, clocking in at two years after working in the financial industry. As the RLI Program Manager, Linda is responsible for all aspects of the Personal Umbrella and Home Business programs offered. Fortunately, her former life allowed her to hone her customer service skills, as she spends much of her time talking with our member agents and answering their RLI questions.

Outside of the office Linda is active in her local community theater and arts alliance. And is an expert at wrangling her three dogs.

Have an RLI question? Contact Linda Linda Hafner, RLI Program Manager at or 800.742.6363 ext 368. She will be happy to direct you to the applications or discuss a potential risk.

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