December 2011

Liquor Liability


Big "I" Retirement Services

Happy Holidays!
The Number One Insurance Agency Team would like to wish you a Joyous and Cheerful Holiday Season.

We enjoy working with so many of you throughout the year and appreciate your friendship and business.

We hope that 2012 will be a year of Good Health and Happiness for you and your families!

The Number One Agency Team

Liquor Liability:

The Number One Agency Team and Hospitality Mutual would like to thank all of those very, busy agents who worked so hard getting their clients’ Liquor Liability Applications into us as they needed to again provide proof of coverage to their municipality as they renewed their liquor license.

We thought we would share that although it was crazy...we were almost always able to provide a quote for any complete application -- on the same day we received it!

So THANK YOU for your hard work and for your business! A special shout out "Thank You" to Hospitality Mutual for never stopping or even slowing down until every quote was processed each day!

Haven’t used this market with us yet?  Check out our Liquor Liability web page and know it is easy and quick to get your clients serviced through Number One and Hospitality Mutual!

And don’t forget about our Temporary Event Coverage -- great for Holiday parties to ensure your clients are properly covered as they celebrate this Merry Season and Happy New Year!

Contact Colleen Lahna, Liquor Liability Program Manager at or by phone at (800) 742-6363, extension 361.


RLI has just released a Revised PUP Application (PUP276 01/12) which has a slight change to Question #18, to more clearly state their position.  It now reads:   

Do you or any member of your household have an occupation of a professional entertainer, athlete, or media personality, or hold a position as an appointed or elected political figure at the federal or state level, or in a political subdivision lower than the state level where the population within that subdivision exceeds 100,000 people? (N/A for political figures in FL, OR, and TX)

RLI will continue to accept the (01/11) application for now but we have placed this newest version on our website for easy access as we expect it will become Mandatory for MA insured’s within a few months.

We would also like to thank our many, many hard working agents that use the RLI program.  We are happy to report that we are ahead of last year’s figures and know that this is due to your efforts.  Thank you!   

Contact Linda Hafner, RLI Program Manager at or by phone at (800) 742-6363, extension 368 for information on any of the RLI products that we offer.

Big "I" Retirement Services:

As we enter into 2012 – A New Year, we know that is natural to reflect on the future of your agency, your staff and yourself.  May we suggest speaking with Christine Munoz, who handles the Retirement & Employee Benefits programs offered by Big “I” Markets.

For more information you may visit the Big “I” Retirement website at, or contact Christine Muñoz directly at (  It’s never too early to prepare for retirement!

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