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Flood: Eventually, It's All Going to to Melt
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New Product Offering- Announcing Long Term Care Insurance

The Number One Insurance Agency has joined forces with Tobe Gerard Insurance, LLC to offer Long Term Care Insurance.  This new product is available to all MAIA members, their employees and their clients at an Association Discounted Rate.

Why Long Term Care Insurance? The statistics show that 1 out of approximately 1,200 people will have a homeowner’s claim, and 1 out of approximately 240 will have an automobile claim. But you may not know that there is a 1 in 2 chance that you could need long term care in your lifetime!

The program has been designed with a turn-key approach that makes it easy to not only cover yourself, or add LTCi as an employee benefit, but… you can also add an additional revenue stream by offering this product to your clients.

You already take care to cross-sell your clients’ home, auto and umbrella policies, and offering Long Term Care Insurance is another way to round your accounts and demonstrate that you are a “full package” provider to your clients.

Tobe Gerard, President of Tobe Gerard Insurance, LLC, is a longtime friend of MAIA and is a leading seller of this product line in the North East Territory. Tobe will provide a personal appointment to review the coverage while keeping in mind your personal interests, the interests of your agency’s staff and how you can work together to offer your clients LTCi in 2011.

The Time is Now! Adding LTCi to your product offerings has never been easier. Get Started by visiting the LTCi webpage and view Tobe’s introduction video. Then take a look at the Referral Agreement and learn more about the details of Prudential’s Affiliation Program.  

Interested or have further questions about this new offering?
Contact Tobe Gerard at 508.653.8110 or by email at


LPLI: Part-time Attorneys – We have a Market!

The economy has been hard on everyone…even lawyers. More than ever, attorneys are doing part-time work to either supplement their income, build a client base in the hopes of goingcompletely solo, or to push off full retirement for a little bit longer. Some carriers have a problemwith part-time attorneys, but our Swiss RE Lawyers Professional Liability Program is happy toquote part-time attorneys.

Part-time lawyers sometimes think they can go without professional liability because of the reduced work hours, but a part-time practice has many of the same E&O exposures as a full time practice. Sure the volume of work may be different, but should a claim strike, there is no part-time discount for defense costs.

Remind your clients who are lawyers that professional liability coverage for their part-time practice should be considered. Michelle St. Angelo, E&O Program Manager, is happy to review a potential risk or review a completed application and provide a quote.

For more information about Lawyers' Professional Liability Insurance, contact Michelle St. Angelo at the Number One Insurance Agency, Inc. at 800.742.6363, by fax at 508.634.2930 or email

Flood: Eventually It's All Going to Melt

I don’t know about you, but everywhere I go lately all I see is snow. My fence is covered, backing out of the driveway is a two-person chore, and I’ve long forgotten where the neighborhood sidewalks are. It’s hard to imagine, but very soon all this snow is actually going to melt.  

Sure we’ll probably be wearing flip flops on the first 60 degree day in March, but remember, the possibility of flooding looms large. This is especially true if warm temperatures accelerate melting and heavy spring rains come our way.

With this in mind, February is a perfect time for the following:

  1. Remind your clients that Flood is not covered by their Homeowners Policy.
  2. Offer Flood Insurance to your insureds.

Fortunately, MAIA and Number One Insurance can assist you with both.

Our Flood Stickers and Stuffers are designed to remind insureds that Flood coverage is not automatic. Additionally, the Number One Agency’s WYO Flood with the Hartford offers easy sign up, great commission rates (20% on New & Roll Over/19% on Renewal), and most importantly…excellent service.

This program is perfect for agencies that may not have lots of Flood business on the books. The representatives at Flood Services are great at walking agents through both the process of writing new policies and rolling over any existing business to their program.  

Signing up is simple - just complete the Flood Enrollment Kit. If you have any additional questions about our Flood program please contact Ann Tobin, Agency Manager at 800.742.6363 or email her at

RLI Personal Umbrella: Excess UM/UIM is now available…the Next Step

Effective 2/1/11, Excess UM/UIM became available with your insured's RLI Personal Umbrella Policy. We've outlined the next three steps your agency can take with this new offering.

1. Compile a list of your customers with RLI Personal Umbrella policies.Need a list of your RLI Insureds? Contact Linda at and ask for your policy list.

2. Contact all of your RLI accounts and offer them this coverage now – no need to wait for renewal! Here's a sample letter to help you along.

3. If someone would like to add coverage, just email Linda with the policy number and a request to add the Excess UM/UIM Coverage. Once she receives your request, she will forward it to RLI and confirm with you that the coverage has been ordered. Payment: Your agency will receive an Endorsement Bill for any first year policy holders to collect premium. RLI will bill all other policy holders directly.

For questions or for assistance with the RLI Programs, contact Linda Hafner, RLI Program Manager, at or call 800.742.6363, ext. 368.

E&O: Loss Control, Not Just for Credit Anymore

This year our E&O carriers studied the correlation between Loss Control Education and Claims Reporting. Not surprisingly, they found that agencies who attend a loss control seminar are far less likely to report a claim, and in a state where 1 in 15 agencies reported a claim last year, this is significant.

Making sure that the agency attends a loss control seminar is worth more than just the discount on your E&O premium (although, that is a nice perk). It may help to keep your agency from becoming one of our claims statistics

With this in mind, we have asked our Education Department to provide more types of Loss Control opportunities, more often and in multiple ways. They responded with a wide variety, offering (something at least monthly) via Classroom, Streaming Live and On-demand. 

We want to encourage you to refocus yourself and your staff on E&O by taking advantage of these opportunities. For your convenience, we have broken out the offerings for Utica Policy Holders and Swiss Re Policy Holders.

For questions regarding your E&O Policy please contact the Agent's E&O Department at 800.742.6363 or by email to Ellen Stoppel at or Michelle St. Angelo at

Big "I" Markets: PostcardsNow Webinar this Thursday

Learn how you can create custom, insurance-specific postcards to send to your prospects or current book of business using the Big "I" Member Marketing Activity Center (MMAC). Sign up for the PostcardsNOW webinar to be conducted on Thurs., Feb. 24 at 1 p.m. EST. Postcard marketing is the most efficient and affordable form of direct mailing—and PostcardsNow brings a library of options to your desk. All you have to do is choose your postcard and input your agency’s information and you’re done! 

Click here to sign up for the postcards webinar or visit to register for MMAC. Please contact Brett Sutch ( for more information on the program.

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