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The Number One Insurance Agency staff is here to service our members with their product needs such as E&O, EPLI, Commercial Umbrella, Health, Dental, Disability, etc.

We are also here to help with some of the markets that you need to service your clients such as the RLI Personal Umbrella, Workers’ Compensation, Lawyer’s Professional Liability, Liquor Liability, FLOOD and others. 

We know your work day flies by, you are busy and nothing stands still. Things are constantly changing!!!!

For a quick reference of products and contacts, here is our “Agency Business Card”.

If you have comments or questions or suggestions regarding products, processes, services – please let us know and we’ll get back to you.  It is simple – you are the reason we are here!

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RLI: Agent On-line Access to RLI - PART I

The insurance industry is always changing – some markets come in and then go out. . . . . We have recently heard that due to another carrier exiting the state, some of you are looking for a new place to put your umbrella business.

With this recent change, we thought it may be helpful to remind all of our member agents that you can access the RLI website directly.  Did you know that you can go to RLI’s site to quote, follow the renewal process of an existing account, check on billing status and download the letters/policies/forms sent to your insured?  YOU CAN!

And it’s easy:  If you don’t know your agency’s RLI password that you will need to access your Unique User ID, contact Colleen Lahna via email at clahna@massagent.com and just give your agency name, address and phone number and she will get it to you.

See it in action:  A recorded webinar on entering and maneuvering through www.rlicorp.com!

PART II:  Next month we will send a webinar that demonstrates how agents can send “completed” applications to their clients so they can approve, electronically sign and pay via ACH or CC – on-line!  If you can’t wait & want to receive the webinar now, please email colleen at clahna@massagent.com and she’ll send it to you directly.

A little reminder that RLI has a New Mandatory Application – all prior versions to the PUP 276 (09/09) will no longer be accepted effective 1/1/2010.

Have more questions about RLI? Run them by Colleen Lahna, RLI Program Manager via email at clahna@massagent.com or by phone at (508) 634-7361 or fax (508) 634-2930.

Workers' Compensation: Carrier Update and STOP WORK ORDERS

Due to carrier market changes, the Number One Insurance Agency’s WC Team will be moving all AIG/AIU Holding/Chartis accounts to ACE USA!

Beginning with February 2010 Renewals – All Chartis Accounts will be re-marketed to ACE USA.  Please inform your insured’s that although they will receive a Notice of Non-renewal from Chartis, they are not in jeopardy of losing coverage.  We will forward a copy of the Non-renewal Notice to your office. Once we have the ACE Renewal policy, we will forward that to you to review and forward to your insured. 

Be a good neighbor and write some NEW business!! 

We have recently received numerous “RUSH” applications due to “STOP WORK ORDERS”.  A friendly reminder from you to local businesses could help generate more leads.  Help prevent them from closing and paying fees. 

Just put “RUSH” on your application to us and we’ll move it along as fast as we can!   If a STOP WORK order is in effect, please provide a copy to us with your submission!

Barbara Lobdell, WC Underwriting Manager, answers questions on markets, carriers and coverage. Please contact blobdell@massagent.com or call 800-742-6363 ext. 362.

Michelle St. Angelo, WC Program Manager, answers your questions on existing accounts, or if you are new at writing workers’ compensation coverage, she will be happy to assist you!  Please contact mstangelo@massagent.com or call 800-742-6363 ext. 364.

Karen Tobin works behind the scenes to process all those applications you send in. In most instances, you will receive your insured’s quote and binding instructions from Karen. Reach her via email at ktobin@massagent.com or by fax at (508) 393-8468.

Lawyers' Professional Liability Policy

As we start off another year – it is a good idea to remind your insureds about how to “Report a Claim or an Incident”.  This is especially important for any insured written on a claims made policy form.  

A reminder for agents – protect your agency and your clients! Agent Claims Reminder Notice

Remind your insureds about their duty to report claims, incidents and disciplinary matters with this customizable letter: Client Claims Reminder Notice

For questions on the LPLI Program, contact Melissa Murphy by email at mmurphy@massagent.com or by phone at 508-634-7363.

Important Reminder: Update Your Email Address with Us

Whenever possible we send important program updates and policy information via email. Help us keep you well informed by updating our office when there are changes to your email address or to your agency staff.  Also, please remember to include an email contact when sending any new business submissions. Thank you for your cooperation. Keeping us informed helps us service you faster.

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