RLI: Summer Promotion
Liquor: Commission Rate Change
RLI: Answer to Your "Need to Know Questions" - Last Installment
WC: Now Writing Your Maine Insureds


RLI: Summer Promotion Announcement

This season is HOT and so is RLI! 

With the purchases of summer homes, boats, and jetskis – our RLI Personal Umbrella business always picks up in the summer months.

Since our member agents do all the initial work to get these policies written, we thought we would reward our “hard working agents" with a little pick-me-up.

For any New RLI Personal Umbrella effective in July, August & September, that we bind for your agency, you will earn a $5.00 Gift Card to Dunkin Donuts.

So stay refreshed, recharged and keep on writing new business!

(Gift Cards will be mailed to the agency after the policy is bound. 40 Cards went out last week alone!)

For questions or for assistance with the RLI Programs, contact Linda Hafner, RLI Program Manager, at lhafner@massagent.com or call 800.742.6363, ext. 368.

Liquor Liability: Did You Say “More Money?”......... Well We Did!!!

Beginning July 1, we will begin to offer 20% commission on all new package policies (property and general liability) with an effective date of July 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011. That's a 5% increase over current commission rates!

Hospitality Mutual's commercial package policy includes both property and general liability coverage along with an optional enhancement endorsement. It's an exceptionally competitive policy that now pays one of the highest commission rates available anywhere!

Underwriting Appetite doesn’t allow for Coastal Properties, GL with habitation exposures or for property values over $2.5 million.

Don't miss this extraordinary limited time offer – It ends on December 31, 2011!  Please contact Colleen Lahna, Liquor Liability Program Manager, with any questions.

Workers' Compensation: Now Writing Your Maine Insureds

If you haven’t noticed yet....

The Workers’ Compensation section of our website has recently been revised, and we have added the State of Maine to our market access.  This now allows both Maine (MIAA) and Massachusetts (MAIA) member agents to write business through Number One for your Maine Insureds.* 

This new program provides access to The Hartford and our "Alternative" market for your valued clients.  Our website includes General Information on writing Workers’ Compensation in the state of Maine, some State Forms and a variety of Maine WC Resources & Contacts.

Please contact Colleen Lahna, WC Program Manager, with any questions.

*A Maine license is required for agents submitting business for a Maine insured.

RLI: Answer Your Need to Know Questions Faster

To wrap up the last installment of the “Need to Know” Question Guide, we thought we would run through the most commonly seen statuses in the system and what they mean.

This Month’s How-To Feature: Deciphering Statuses

The ePUP system is a useful online tool, but we have to keep in mind that like any online tool, it was built by people who speak a dialect of the English language known as “computer speak”. This would be the reason why ePUP uses a variety of different statuses to classify insureds as they make their way through the policy period.

Need to Know Question #5…What the Heck Does this Status Mean?

Quote Billed - The Renewal Questionnaire has been received at RLI.
RLI has sent the insured a bill.
The policy will not renew until the bill is paid.
You can see the last document Sent from RLI: Renewal Billing Sent on 7/8/11 and is Due: 8/14/11.

Renewal Quote Lapsed - The policy has lapsed.
The insured was approved for renewal by RLI but did not pay their bill by the expiration date.
You can see that the last document sent from RLI is Renewal Expiration Letter on 7/8/11.
The Due Date of the bill was 6/27/11, which is the day the policy expired.

Policy Has Been Endorsed - The policy has been changed. (In this case UM/UIM was removed.)
You can see that the last document sent from RLI is a Policy Change Acknowledgement on 7/8/11.
You can also see that this transaction caused a $170.00 refund to the insured. The insured’s total premium for the year is now $437.00.
Payments/Refunds:  1st year policy holder -  Number One Invoices/Mails check for insured to our sub-agent. 
Renewal policy holders - RLI mails Invoice or Refund directly to the insured.

Policy Has Been Cancelled - The policy has been cancelled mid-term.
You can see that the policy was cancelled at the insured’s request on 6/14/11.
The last document sent from RLI is the Cancel Acknowledgement on 7/6/11 and a returned premium of $414.00 is due.
Refunds:  1st year policy holder -  Number One mails check for insured to our sub-agent. 
Renewal policy holders - RLI mails refund directly to the insured.

Policy Remains Nonrenewed - The policy is still in nonrenewal status.
Policy History (not pictured here)shows that the insured was issued an initial Nonrenewal Notice due to a late questionnaire.
Upon receipt of the completed questionnaire, RLI has issued this second Nonrenewal Notice due to the insured’s driving record.
The insured also requested to change agents at this time.

You can see that RLI sent two documents: Agent of Record Letter and a Policy Remains Nonrenewed Letter on 5/10/11.
Unless the questionnaire was completed in error, this policy will remain nonrenewed.

Click on "Forms" to see documents that were mailed.

Final Bill Sent - RLI has sent the insured a second and final renewal bill.
This is a last reminder to the insured to pay the bill before expiration or lapse occurs.
You can see that the Final Renewal Billing was sent on 7/8/11 and the Due Date is 7/17/11.

That wraps up our “Need to Know Questions” Guide. You may access the whole guide here. If you have further questions about navigating RLI's online portal, please contact Linda Hafner, RLI Program Manager at lhafner@massagent.com or 800.742.6363 ext 368.

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