Liquor Liability: New Application Available
Flood: Video Sales Tips
RLI: Faster Answers to Your "Need to Know Questions"
E&O: the Do's & Don'ts of Claims

Special Feature: Division of Insurance (DOI) Releases Bulletin

Liquor: New Application Now Available

Please take note, Hospitality Mutual has released a New Liquor Liability Application which is to be used for all New and Renewal Business.

The Temporary Event Application has not changed.

Have you tried this program yet? Take a look at some of the Coverage Features of the Liquor Liability Program offered by Number One Insurance and Hospitality Mutual:

  • Liquor Liability coverage with limits of $1MM per person / $1MM per occurrence / $2MM aggregate, with no deductibles.
  • Comprehensive General Liability coverage available with limits of $1MM per occurrence / $2MM aggregate, with no deductibles.
  • Assault and Battery coverage available for a 10%-20% add-on for the full policy limits. No sublimit applies.
  • Excess Property Damage coverage is available for a 1% add-on.
  • A 10% discount for clients if 100% of managers and 75% of servers participate in an approved alcohol-training program.
  • A 50% discount for assault and battery coverage if 100% of managers and 75% of non-management staff participate in an approved security training program.
  • A 10% discount for establishments that close by 8 pm.
  • A 20% credit to Fine Dining Restaurants

For further information about the Liquor Liability Program offered by Number One Insurance and Hospitality Mutual please contact Liquor Liability Program Manager, Colleen Lahna at or 800.742.6363 ext 361.

Flood: Video Sales Tips

Is Flood Insurance offered as part of every Home and Auto quote done at your agency?

We recently asked Marshall Katz, MAIA Instructor and consultant, to examine the reasons that agents should be selling Flood Insurance AND the reasons that customers should be buying it.

He responded with 3 short videos. Marshall offers some excellent points about Flood Insurance for consumers and several selling tips for agents in the following videos....

4 Reasons to Sell Flood Insurance – Learn why every personal lines agency should be offering Flood Insurance to every customer. (Duration 1:26)

4 Reasons to Buy Flood Insurance  - Marshall makes the case for Flood Insurance to a consumer. (Duration 6:35)

Making the HO/Flood Connection – Watch Marshall make a Homeowners and Flood sales presentation to a consumer. In this video he connects the dots between the HO policy, the Flood policy and the reasons that homeowners should consider taking a higher deductible. This is a resource geared toward agents who may be new to writing Flood or incorporating this coverage into their quotes. (Duration 14:57)

The Number One Insurance Agency, Inc. and Hartford Flood aim to make the business of writing flood insurance easier for you by providing:

Highly Competitive Commissions - 20% on new and rollover business and 19% on renewal business
Easy Enrollment - Contact Sheron Gagnon for an enrollment kit and you are on your way.
Easy Online Access
- Quote, pay & endorse policies online! Individualized training is available from the Help Desk. Roll Over Assistance - Earn New Business rates on rollover policies. Agents enrolled in the program have access to a rollover contact who will work with you to create a smooth transition for your agency and your clients.

For more information, please contact Ann Tobin at the Number One Agency, Inc. at 1-800-742-6363 or email her at

RLI: Answer Your Need to Know Questions Faster

This month we are answering more of your RLI "Need to Know Questions". The RLI portal can be helpful in getting your RLI questions answered when time is of the essence...and when is time not of the essence these days?!

This Month's How-to Features: Has the Renewal Questionnaire Been Returned to RLI? AND How can I obtain a duplicate?

First, it may be helpful to recall RLI’s Renewal process:

1. RLI mails the renewal questionnaire to the insured 85 days prior to expiration.
2. The insured returns the completed form to RLI.
    *If the form is not returned, RLI issues a Non-Renewal Notice.
*If the form is incomplete, RLI issues a Non-Renewal Notice.
*If the Form is not approved due to underwriting, RLI issues a Non-Renewal Notice.
3. Once approved, RLI sends the insured a bill.
4. Once the Bill is paid the Renewal Dec is issued.
    *If the bill is not paid, a lapse letter will be sent to the insured and agent upon expiration.
Remember, RLI mails notices directly to the insured via postal mail. Number One Insurance Agency emails all notices and dec pages to your agency. As the agent, you do not automatically receive a copy of the Renewal Questionnaire or Invoice. However, you may download/print one from the RLI Portal if you need one.

Remember: Get Started by logging in at

Once you are logged in... Enter the Policy Number |
Click "Policy Inquiry"

Description: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\RLI-6-1.png

Need to Know Question #3: Has the Renewal Questionnaire been returned to RLI?

Example A: Yes!

The Status is “Renewal –Bound”.
The Renewal Policy Dec was sent from RLI on 6/9/11.
This insured has completed their renewal questionnaire AND paid their bill

Example B: NO!

The Status is “Policy has been Nonrenewed23 Questionnaire Not Returned”
The Nonrenewal Notice was sent to this insured on 6/9/11.
The insured did not return their questionnaire by the due date.
To rescind this notice, the insured must complete and send the questionnaire to RLI prior to the policy expiration date.

Example C: Yes - BUT.....

The Status is “Policy has been Nonrenewed41 Incomplete Underwriting Information”.
The Nonrenewal Notice was sent to the insured on 9/6/11.
The details of the nonrenewal notice are listed in red.
Click the “+” to expand the current term information to see what information is missing.

See below: the insured’s answers are listed here. Incomplete information has been left blank.

In this example insured did not sign their renewal questionnaire.  The insured will receive a copy of their incomplete app along with the nonrenewal notice so that they may fix this and return to RLI.

Need to Know Question #4 - How Can I Obtain a Duplicate Form?

Look up the insured you need the duplicate for.
Click on Forms. A new window or Tab will open.

The new window/tab will display forms recently generated for this insured.
Click on the little piece of paper under "view".
A PDF will pop up in a new window. You may print, save, or email from the newly created file.

Next month we'll tackle another set of “Need to Know Questions” in the newsletter. If you have further questions about navigating RLI's online portal, please contact Linda Hafner, RLI Program Manager at or 800.742.6363 ext 368.

E&O: The Do's & Don'ts of Claims!

Keeping these simple Do's and Don'ts in mind should an E&O Claim crop up in your office, may help ensure that the initial shock of an incident doesn't derail your entire case.

Do's Don'ts

1. Do report the claim in writing to your E&O carrier directly. 

1. Don't admit liability. Even if you think you are at fault, it is best to only share the facts but not admit liability.

2. Do make any applicable staff aware of the claim. 2. Don't participate in any settlement discussions or enter into any settlement without the consent of your E&O carrier.
3. Do stress with staff the importance of NOT discussing the matter with others. 3. Don't discuss the handling of the matter with anyone other than a representative of the carrier.
4. Do provide requested documentation to your E&O carrier for review. 4. Don't incur any costs or expenses without the consent of your E&O carrier.
5. Do let the client know, should they inquire, that you will report the matter to your E&O carrier and that a carrier representative will be in contact with them. 5. Don't voluntarily appear for a deposition or release any agency records without the involvement of your E&O carrier. 

For questions regarding your E&O Policy please contact the Agent's E&O Department at 800.742.6363 or by email to Ellen Stoppel at or Michelle St. Angelo at

Special Feature: Division of Insurance (DOI) Releases Bulletin

One of the best ways to stay out of E&O trouble is to stay up to date on continuing education courses.

The Division of Insurance has recently issued a bulletin (Bulletin 2011-12; Review of Continuing Education Compliance of Resident Insurance Producers Continuing Education Compliance Program; Issued June 3, 2011) reminding Licensed Producers that CE compliance is not just a smart idea…. it is mandatory.

On or about July 1, 2011, notification will be sent to all individuals who are deficient in their CEUs. The DOI bulletin reminds us that CEU Compliance is required or License Suspensions and/or Monetary Penalties Will Be Applied. Please make sure you are aware of your CE status and please pass this on to others in your office.

Insurance producers who are deficient in their CEUs have been categorized into the following two groups: 

GROUP  1:  Licensees whose current three year CEU compliance period ends on or before June 30, 2011.   These insurance producers will be required to complete the number of CEU s outstanding from the licensee’s most recent complete three-year CEU compliance period. 

GROUP 2:  Licensees whose current three year CEU compliance period ends between July 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011. These insurance producers will be required to complete the number of CEUs outstanding from the current CEU compliance period as well as the immediately previous complete three year CEU compliance period. 

You have until December 31, 2011 to complete the CEUs that you need to maintain your license. On or about January 1, 2012 the DOI will review the CEU compliance status of licensed insurance producers, and will take the appropriate actions (suspension of license and or monetary penalties) based on the licensee’s total number of outstanding CEUs from January 1, 2004 to present. 

MAIA is here to help you attain your CEUs and maintain your license. We understand that this may be a significant number of CEUs for some and we want to help you get them done by the December 31st, 2011 deadline. There are many ways to get this done:

Traditional Classes – See our full calendar of CEU programs and join us in the class to earn your CEUs.
Streaming Live Classes – Never leave your office, no exams needed and get your CEUS. 
Video CE/On Demand CE – CEUs offered every day of the week!!  Topics run weekly or you choose through our On-Demand feature.  (12 new topics being added this summer!) 
On-Line CE – Get your CEUs with taking courses online and passing the corresponding exam. ( / Virtual University / CISR On-Line)
On-Site – If you have a number of people who need to get their CEUS, why not bring it right into your agency and have them learn and earn their CEUs at your office.   
Designation – While you earn your CEUs, add a professional designation to your name as well. 
Certification – Earn a certification as you get your CEUs.  

MAIA’s Education Team is here to help you understand what you need to do and to fulfill your CEU obligations to the state. Please call 800-742-6363 or email Debbie White, Carol Nelson or Heather Kramer with any questions.  

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