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June 2013

Liquor: Summer & Fall Event Time

From small town street fairs to gorgeous late summer weddings, June – October make for  THE BEST months to entertain in New England.

Of course, with entertaining comes some risk, especially if hosts will be serving alcohol. Additionally, as more and more people move into unique or alternative venues (including their backyards and summer homes), more of your clients should be covered with a Temporary Event Policy.

This is the perfect time to remind customers that Temporary Event Policies are available from Hospitality Mutual Insurance Company and Number One Insurance Agency, Inc. This very reasonably priced policy can provide piece of mind and protect the assets of your “hostess with the mostess” clients.

For more information about our Liquor Liability Insurance program, contact Colleen Lahna at the Number One Insurance Agency, Inc. at 800.742.6363 or email her at

WC: The Never Ending Mail Cycle

By nature, Workers' Comp can be heavily transactional, which means that the mail can seem never ending. Transactional business generates a plethora of correspondence from carriers, many of whom use a combination of both electronic and paper mail delivery. To help keep us all on the same page, we’ve compiled a quick summary of the different ways our WC mail flows from our carriers to your office and your insureds.
New Business Renewals & All Other Correspondence
The Hartford
Insured originals are mailed to agent. The Agent should forward to their insured.
An electronic version is emailed to the agent for their records.
Insured Copy  is mailed directly from The Hartford to the insured.
An electronic version is emailed to the agent for their records.
Norfolk & Dedham
Insured and Producer copies are mailed to the agent. The Agent should forward to their insured and keep for their records. Insured Copy is mailed from N&D directly to the insured. A Producer Copy is mailed to the agent for their records.
Alternative Markets
Some Insured’s originals are mailed to the agent to deliver to the client.
Many are emailed to the agent to forward to their client in an electronic format.
Emailed to the agent for their records and depending on the transaction, will include instructions to forward a copy to your insured or not. 

As you can see, whenever possible, our processing is done via email. Please be sure to update email addresses with us as changes are made at your agency. Send along change requests to Colleeen Lahna.

Have Questions about Workers’ Comp? Send them into our WC Team! Colleen Lahna is available to discuss current policies or contact Barbara Lobdell with new business inquiries and applications.

E&O: Your Designation May Be Worth More than Just Letters after Your Name

We want to make sure that our Utica policy holders know their loss control credit requirements. Why? Because utilizing them can help to shave 5% - 10% off your E&O premium. We’d like to remind you that Staff Designations can help the agency get there.

When at least 60% of the agency staff has achieved recognized designations such as, CISR, CIC, CPPL, CRIS, AAI, P&C and L&H LIA, (and many others) you have earned 1 of the 3 Loss Control Credit Options.

Additionally, these courses will satisfy the Seminar Attendance Requirement:

Beyond loss control credit, designation programs are a great way to facilitate maintaining CE requirements while advancing specific areas of insurance knowledge and enhancing professional status in the industry. Providing this type of specialized training to your staff is another great way to incentivize and maintain key personnel in your office.

If you have questions about your insurance educational plan for yourself or your staff, please contact Heather Kramer, VP of Training at MAIA at 800-742-6363.

For questions concerning your E&O policy please contact the E&O Department at 800.742.6363 or email Ellen Stoppel at or Michelle St. Angelo at


The Number One WC Team is here to keep you informed.

Do the same for your insureds and show them the value of having an independent agent by sending this notice from the DIA to your WC clients and prospects. 

Electronic Submission of
First Report of Injury Required
Effective 1/1/14

Commission Statements:

Our recent change to direct deposit commission has also come with changes to the monthly commission statements that are sent. This change has prompted questions regarding the new format.

To help clarify, we’ve posted two sample commission statements to assist you in reading the newly formatted monthly commission statement.

As a reminder, if your agency does not have any production in the past 60 days, you will not receive a statement.

PL Concentrations

maia programs

First Time Together

maia programs

Tutoring & Mentoring

update your email

Please update our office when there are changes to your email address (or with your agency staff). Also, please remember to include an email contact when sending any new business submissions. Keeping us informed helps us service you faster.

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