June/July, 2012

Announcing New Member Benefit - Access to Chamber Health Coop

MAIA members (under 50 employees) are now eligible to participate in the Massachusetts Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives’ Healthcare Cooperative through three health insurers: Fallon Community Health Plan; Harvard Pilgrim Health Care; and Health New England.

Benefits Include:

  • 3-5% Premium Savings
  • Wellness Programs available for all subscribers
  • Cost Transparency and Comparison Shopping tools

Things to consider:

  • Participation is subject to a Coop Membership Fee (based on number of subscribers and paid monthly).  This fee is included with your monthly healthcare bill and handled by your chosen health carrier.
  • Plan selection is limited to selected plans by each carrier for the Coop.
  • Wellness Program Participation is REQUIRED by 60% of employer group to attain maximum savings.

For additional information and to enroll, please visit chamberhealthcoop.com.
MAIA Members may also contact Ann Tobin at atobin@massagent.com or 800.742.6363 with additional questions.

E&O: Late Payments Can Put You into a REALLY Bad Situation

Usually when we discuss E&O and Cancellation for Non-payment of premium, it concerns how you handle your late-paying insureds.  Unfortunately, this time we need to talk about YOUR OWN E&O Coverage

We have noticed that some E&O carriers have really tightened up procedures with late paying accounts.  Carriers have declined to renew and canceled accounts, increased renewal premium rates and even required FULL Payment to be REINSTATED.  In certain circumstances, the FULL Premium could not be afforded, and coverage had to be replaced with an excess surplus lines market… which means higher premium, less coverage and a new Retro Date.  So PLEASE, don’t think that sending a bill late every once in awhile is an “okay” practice – if you are – it is hurting you, even if you don’t know it quite yet.

Do you have questions about your E&O? Our team is always available to speak with you. You may contact Ellen Stoppel or Michelle St. Angelo via email at estoppel@massagent.com or mstangelo@massagent.com respectively or by phone at (800) 742-6363.

Flood Zone Map Changes in Newburyport Area Effective July 3rd- Agent Quoted in Newburyport News

Though the immediate weather forecast calls for scorching heat rather than blustery rainstorms, city officials and community leaders are calling for residents of waterfront neighborhoods to make sure they have appropriate flood insurance before finalization of new FEMA maps on July 3.

There are preferred policies that can keep costs down if they are in place before July 3, said Vikki Thomas, personal lines department manager at Chase & Lunt. “Having the appropriate insurance is mandatory if an owner wants to sell a house or take out an equity loan.” Thomas said that even if homeowners in vulnerable zones don’t have mortgages, they should consider purchasing flood insurance. “Policies are transferable,” she said. “It’s a great document to have if you want to sell the house. The homeowner can pass along a policy at a favorable rate; prospective buyers will like that.” Read the Full Article

Looking for access to a flood market? Number One Insurance Agency offers Write Your Own Flood with The Hartford. Our program offers excellent commissions and superior customer service. Information about utilizing this market is available online. Or contact Agency Manager, Ann Tobin, at 800.742.6363 ext 366.

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Barbara Lobdell, aka Maxine, aka The Queen of Workers' Comp is another veteran employee of the Number One Agency. Of course, she'd rather not tell you exactly how long she has been helping the members of MAIA place workers' comp coverage for their clients in Massachusetts, let's just say...for a while.

A true dog lover, the best way to find Barbara on the weekend is to look for her dog, Morgan. Now that it's summer, they are usually lounging by pool.

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