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March 2014


With frequent advancements in technology, and increasing usage of eMail, Facebook, and Twitter for marketing and sales purposes, we often forget one of the most effective sales and marketing tools of all…..YOU!!!

Simply offering a Personal Umbrella to your insured can be the most effective way to increase your business. You might never know an insured's desire or need for an umbrella policy if you skip the simple step of asking!

Start asking your customers today!!!!
At the bare minimum, you will have reduced your E&O exposure by offering this very important product, and you may end up protecting your insured’s future in the process. Using the Personal Umbrella Agency Offer/Rejection Form (Microsoft Word Doc) may help you bring this topic up when writing a new homeowners or auto policy, too.

Think about this...An umbrella liability policy pays for settlements and legal fees above the underlying limit. Without umbrella insurance, wages and assets are at stake. To get a good sense of how deep someone may have to reach into their own pocket, we asked RLI about their claims experience. They estimate that 76% of claims are auto related, and average award is around $325,000, but we know that settlement can be much, much higher.

PLUS...RLI let's you ditch the paper...
Start using PUP Access to submit business for the RLI Personal Umbrella. This is an easy way to ditch the paper application and allow your clients the ability to pay online. If you are not signed up, email Linda Hafner NOW and get a username and login to get started.

Want to see how easy it is? Check out these tutorials: Create a User ID (video), eSignature Walkthrough (video), PUP Access 101 (video), RLI EZ User ePUP Guide (.pdf).

For more information about the RLI Personal Umbrella Liability Policy, contact
 Linda Hafner, RLI Program Manager at the Number One Insurance Agency, Inc. at 800.742.6363 ext. 368.

Liquor Liability: Would They...Could They?

Don’t be afraid to ask, "I wonder if they would write this?"
Here are a few accounts recently written by Hospitality Mutual…

Bowling Alley - Monoline LIQ, 1M/1M/2M limits with 87% liquor to food ratio.
Microbrewery - CPP with LIQ, frame construction with $200,000 contents, 75% liquor to food ratio with 1M/1M/2M limits.
Temporary Event - LIQ for one day event with 249 adult attendees, with 100/100/200 limits.
Beer Tasting Festival - LIQ, GL and Excess Liability for a beer tasting festival in Boston, MA, $425,000 in liquor sales (100% liquor to food ratio). 1M/1M/2M limits with $2M Excess
Bar - LIQ, GL and Excess Liability for a bar in Boston, MA with $1,000,000 in liquor sales (67% liquor to food sales ratio). 1M/1M/2M limits with $1M Excess

A good tid-bit to remember - Liquor related Assault & Battery (A&B) is included on the HMIC Liquor Liability policy up to full policy limits with no sublimits or deductibles. And non-liquor related A&B can be endorsed onto the policy. With two-thirds of all incidences reported by bars and taverns as a result from A&B, A&B coverage is essential.

For additional  information about our Liquor Liability Insurance program offered by Hospitality Mutual, contact Colleen Lahna at the Number One Insurance Agency, Inc. at 800.742.6363 or email her at

Flood: If You Called Ann Tobin Today...

If you called Ann Tobin, our Agency Manager, today and asked how to enroll in our Flood program, she’d probably tell you something like this:

Head to our website and you will find the enrollment agreement and the contacts to answer your flood coverage questions. 

To sign up, complete the agreement and fax it to the number on page one (1-406-755-4403) along with a copy of your MA license.

It takes 2 days to set you up but they will send you a user name and password. I know the folks at Agency Services are busy, so I always suggest that the agents contact them at 866-796-7582 and request the username and password on day 2.

Here are a few other imporant details that agents usually ask about:

1.  Questions on getting signed up or user name/password - call agency services at 866-796-7582

2.  The website you will use is

3. Commission rates: 20% for New and 1st Year roll-over and 19% upon renewal. 

4.  You can roll the rest of your flood book! If you have existing flood policies, speak with Marcia Eden, Transfer and Training Consultant to help you roll the business over to our program. Reach her at or call her at 704-589-3302.

5. You can call customer Service at 800-637-3846 for agent and customer coverage, underwriting and billing questions.

Feel free to call me with any questions and welcome aboard to Number One Agency's Broker program.

E&O: Changes to Loss Control Verification Forms

MAIA has recently changed the way that "proof of attendance" for loss control (E&O) classes is provided.

You will no longer be asked to complete a separate form when you attend a loss contol class. The standard CEU form has been amended to satisfy both state CEU and E&O requirements. This form is emailed to you directly by our Education staff, when you have successfully attended an E&O Class. See a sample form with new wording.

ALL ATTENDEES, regardless of their need for CE, should retain a copy of this record and should submit it to their E&O carrier with your E&O renewal application.

Too few agents take advantage of carrier discounts…make sure you know how to get yours. Specific guidelines can be found here for Utica & Swiss Re Corporate Solutions.

Two important reasons to take loss control seminars:

  1. Fewer claims: carrier statistics show that agents who engage in loss control education have fewer claims. Awareness is a powerful tool in preventing errors.
  2. Lower Rates: Attendance at loss control seminars are reviewed and considered in carrier rate filings but not just to obtain the Loss Control Discount. Not attending can mean starting your renewal quote at a higher rate right out of the gates. Insured’s that attend and maintain their Loss Control status, often receive additional credits in their policy rating.

For questions about your E&O policycontact Ellen Stoppel or Michelle St. Angelo in our E&O Department at 800.742.6363.

Free LTCi Webinar - Top 10 Commonly Asked Questions in Long Term Care Insurance

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
10 AM - 11 AM

Join Tobe Gerard of Tobe Gerard Insurance, LLC as she answers the top 10 tried and true questions that buyers of long term care insurance are interested in having answers to before they sign on the dotted line.

With that in mind, we thought we’d devote a webinar to the 10 most commonly asked questions and also provide you with the most up to date answers in easy to understand terms.


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

WC Market - Domestic Help
We recently received word that one of our WC markets will now accept your Domestic Help clients (nanny, maid, home health aide, etc), as long as they work for only ONE client.  The policy can be in the name of the home owner to cover their staff – OR - the policy can be in the name of the individual providing the service, as long as they are not excluded.

Have someone you think may fit? Contact Barbara Lobdell with new business inquiries and applications.

Dunkin Donuts Gift Cards are BAA-AACK!

We're from New England...We Run on Dunkin. And since we know that our member agents (YOU) take care of the initial work to bind new RLI Personal Umbrellas, we're thanking you for your hard work with a little pick-me-up.

For each New RLI Personal Umbrella that we bind for your agency, you will be sent a $5.00 Gift Card to Dunkin Donuts.

So stay refreshed, recharged and keep on writing new business!

(Gift Cards will be mailed to the agency after the policy is bound.)

For questions or for assistance with the RLI Programs, contact Linda Hafner, RLI Program Manager, at or call 800.742.6363, ext. 368.

New Rates for Lawyer's Professional

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions' new LPLI rates are attracting new submissions with success!

Brand New Firms are welcomed in this program and we've bound several brand new firms this month!

Be sure to check us out and contact Michelle St. Angelo at 800/742-6363 for questions about eligibility.

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Please update our office when there are changes to your email address (or with your agency staff). Also, please remember to include an email contact when sending any new business submissions. Keeping us informed helps us service you faster.

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