LPLI: Risk Management Brochures Available
Liquor Liability: 20% Credit On Fine Dining Restaurants
WC: Stop Work Orders
RLI: Faster Answers to Your "Need to Know Questions"

E&O: Stay Ahead of the Class



LPLI: Risk Management Brochures Available

We have recently added 12 new Lawyers' Professional Liability focused brochures to our website. Topics range from Effective Client Communication, to Navigating the Recession, to Understanding the Retro Date and have been authored by Swiss Re as informational marketing pieces for both the agent and the client.

As you complete a new or renewal application with a firm, you may find these fliers helpful as they explain common questions about the risks associated with the practice of law. Additionally, you may wish to share some of these with insureds or potential insureds to showcase the risk management philosophy of Swiss Re’s team.

  1. Best Practices for Electronic Communication
  2. Ten Lawyers Risk Management Tips
  3. Attorney-Client Relationships
  4. Conflict of Interest
  5. Docket & Calendar System Basics
  6. Engagement/Non-Engagement Letters
  7. Reducing Litigation from Fee Disputes
  8. Protect Yourself when Sharing Office Space
  9. Real Estate Risk Management
  10. Negotiating the Recession
  11. Effective Client Communication
  12. Understanding the Retro Date

As always, please contact Michelle St. Angelo, Program Manager, by email at or by phone at 800.742.6363 ext 364 with your questions about the Lawyers' Professional Liability Program offered by Number One Insurance and Swiss Re.

Liquor Liability: 20% Credit to Fine Dining Restaurants

The following has been excerpted from “Sandra’s Corner”, a bi-weekly publication offered by Hospitality Mutual Insurance that brings agents valuable information on coverage, risk management, claims and other topics that aim to inform agents of changes at Hospitality Mutual and in the insurance industry overall.

Fine Dining = Fine Savings. We all love fine dining restaurants - but Hospitality Mutual is showing just how much we really love them!
I am pleased to announce our new Fine Dining* liquor liability credit of 20 percent.  That's right:  Hospitality Mutual is offering 20 percent off the liquor liability premium just for being a fine dining restaurant.  And don't forget, if the restaurant is a member of the Massachusetts Restaurant Association (MRA) or joins the MRA, it receives an additional 20 percent discount for a total of 40 percent off its liquor premium!  So, let us show you how much we love fine dining restaurants by providing you with an all lines quote.  We promise you won't be disappointed.  
*Fine dining restaurants are defined as restaurants that have a ratio of liquor to total sales of less than 60 percent, sell domestic beer for $4 or more and close by midnight.

For further informaion about the Liquor Liability Program offered by Number One Insurance and Hospitality Mutual please contact Liquor Liability Program Manager, Colleen Lahna at or 800.742.6363 ext 361.

WC: STOP WORK ORDERS – Everyone’s favorite Nightmare!

If a client walks in your door with a stop work order – we recommend the following:

  1. Get a copy of the Stop Work Order.
  2. Submit the account as new business with your carrier of choice & don’t forget about Number One Insurance Agency’s WC Program if you don’t have a market.
  3. Once coverage is bound, ask the carrier to send notice to the contact on the Stop Work Order. 
    The DIA will not accept notice from an insurance agent. They require notice from the carrier. Having an underwriter or a service representative fax a letter on the carrier stationary has worked for us in the past!
    Be sure they list the carrier, policy number, limits provided and effective date of the new WC policy.
  4. Make sure your insured also contacts the DIA on the same day that the carrier provides the proof of coverage notice to pay for any outstanding fees. THE DAILY FEES AND THE STOP WORK ORDER REMAIN IN EFFECT UNTIL BOTH PROOF OF COVERAGE AND THE FEES ARE PAID.

    For questions or for more information about WC Program, contact Colleen Lahna, WC Program Manager at or call her at (800) 742-6363, extension 361.

RLI: Answer Your Need to Know Questions Faster

Are you on a need to know basis with your Personal Umbrella insureds? Do you frequently find yourself saying:

I need to know if the client paid their bill?
Or...I need to know if the insured returned their renewal questionnaire?
And even, The insured needs me to send another invoice!

Most of our agents know to contact RLI Program Manager, Linda Hafner with their RLI questions, but many don't realize that they have the ability to see account and billing information online at RLI’s website any time they need to. Using RLI's online portal, you can find the answers to most of your Need to Know questions right away.

In the next few months we'll be delivering parts of a "how-to guide" to help you access some of the most popular functions of the RLI website. This Month's How-to Features: Logging-In and Has the Bill Been Paid?

Need to know #1: Where Do I Log In?
1. Start Here: and select Producer Log-In (on right).
2. On the next page, select Personal Umbrella from the list.

3. Log In using your username and password. Usernames and passwords are individual to each user in your agency. Each person with access should have their email address and their own password. (If you have trouble logging in or are unsure if you have a user name and password please contact Linda Hafner at 800.742.6363 ext 368.)

4. Once logged in, you will see a welcome screen similar to the picture below. Navigation options are located near the bottom of the page.

Need to know #2: Did the insured pay their bill?

1. From the Welcome Screen: Click on “Quote –Policy Look-Up”
2. Enter the insured’s information for look up. Policy Number works best.

3. Select “Policy Inquiry”.

4. The new screen will show the insured’s information and latest transactions in descending order.

Example A: the current status reads "Renewal-Bound". This means that the insured has paid their bill in full and you can see that the Renewal Policy Form was Sent on 5/25/11.

Example B: the current status reads: "Final Bill Sent" . This means that this insured has not yet paid the renewal bill. You can see that the final mailing was sent on 5/23/11 and it is due 5/30/11.

Next month we'll tackle another set of “Need to Know Questions” in the newsletter. If you have further questions about navigating RLI's online portal, please contact Linda Hafner, RLI Program Manager at or 800.742.6363 ext 368.

E&O: Stay Ahead of the Class....

Keep that E&O frame of mind all year! There is still plenty of time to catch Parts II and III of the E&O Webinar Series with Curt Pearsall, President of Pearsall Associates, Inc. Prevention is some of the best E&O medicine. Join Curt in August and October for E&O Hotspots I & II.

Register today: 8/26 E&O Hotspots I and 10/21 E&O Hotspots II.

For questions regarding your E&O Policy please contact the Agent's E&O Department at 800.742.6363 or by email to Ellen Stoppel at or Michelle St. Angelo at

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