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November 2013

RLI: Take Your Application Online

Wave "bye-bye" to the paper when you use PUP Access, RLI’s On-line system. You can now complete the application, get a quote and send it to your insured for Review, eSignature and Payment without printing a thing. Take a few minutes to understand this process and make your life so much easier!

If you are not signed up, email Linda Hafner NOW and get a username and login to get started. Please provide your agency name, address and phone number.

Tools to Get Started with PUP Access:
Create a User ID (video) or Contact Linda Hafner!
eSignature Walkthrough (video)
PUP Access 101 (video) 
RLI EZ User ePUP Guide (.pdf)

How it works…
You review and complete the online application. Then, provide the application to your insured for review, eSignature and payment in one of two ways!

Option 1: Send a secure email to the insured to eSign and Pay Online
Option 2: Verbally provide your insured the website address, their personal login id and password.

The insured will then verify their information, eSign the application and pay the bill via Credit Card or Electronic Funds Transfer.

PUP Access also helps you find...Policy Status...Billing Information...Copies of Policies, Endorsements, Renewal Applications, Policy Notices and Renewal Bills.

For more information about the RLI Personal Umbrella Liability Policy, contact Linda Hafner, RLI Program Manager at the Number One Insurance Agency, Inc. at 800.742.6363 ext. 368.

WC: What do Yoga, Painting and Fish Markets Have in Common?

We can help you write their Workers’ Comp!

Okay, we realize that sounded like a corny joke, but we’re NOT KIDDING. We've analyzed the numbers and conferred with our markets and want you to know. . . .following classes of business are being written with great success.

Electronic Components Manufacturing
Fish Market
Flooring Contractor*
Hardware Distributor
Linen Service – Cleaning w/ delivery
Medical Office - Physicians   Surgeons
Metal Job Shop - Component Parts Only
Orthopedic, Ambulation or Prosthetic Devices Mfg. - Excluding Products
Physical Fitness Facility - (Spectrum Liability is not available)
Printing   Linotype or Lithograph Services
Restaurant - Fast Food or Quick Service (Full Cooking)
Retail Store and Pharmacy
School - Business   Secretarial
Telephone   Pager Store - (No Installation)
Yoga and Pilates Studio

If you have questions about what to expect from our WC carriers, just ask! Send them into our WC Team! Colleen Lahna is available to discuss current policies or contact Barbara Lobdell with new business inquiries and applications.

*Additional underwriting applies. Must have a min of 2 FULL TIME employees with reasonable payroll. Have had WC policy for min of one year prior to submitting. For carpentry, painting and landscapers carriers limit height work and consider safety precautions when underwriting.

Liquor: From Date Night to Girl’s Night…

Entertainment options these days stretch way beyond "dinner and a movie". Lots of small businesses are cropping up that cater to the simple act of having fun. Many times fun includes a glass of wine or a cold craft beer. Make sure your small business clients are covered for any liquor liability exposure they may have. Here are a few classes of business that you may or may not have considered providing a liquor liability quote for:

  • Canvas Painting Classes (that serve or are BYOB)
  • Blow Dry Bars/Hair Salons/Nail Salons/Spas
  • Ice Bars
  • Improv/Comedy Shows
  • Movie Theatres that Serve Dinner and Drinks
  • Playhouses
  • BYOB Restaurants
  • Wineries/Breweries (that provide tastings)

For additional  information about our Liquor Liability Insurance program offered by Hospitality Mutual, contact Colleen Lahna at the Number One Insurance Agency, Inc. at 800.742.6363 or email her at

LPLI – Recent Rate Reductions & Policy Enhancements

We want to remind you about our Lawyers' Professional Liability program. Recent rate reductions and policy enhancements make this program a match for your sharpest clients. Take a look:

  • Rate reductions in certain Areas of Practice (eff. 9/1/13)
  • Recently revised and streamlined policy form (eff. 3/1/13)
  • Now providing Data Breach Protection up to $10,000 per incident/$20,000 per policy.
  • Reduced Deductible for Early Resolution. Policy deductible can be reduced by 50% (up to $12,500) when claims/potential claims are resolved within 365 days.
  • Underwritten by a leader in the industry, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions (rated A+ "Superior" by AM Best).
  • Still includes a Broad Definition of "Professional Services" including arbitrator, mediator, notary, title agent, escrow agent and fiduciary.
  • Pre-claim Expense Coverage – Until the date a Claim is made, the Company may pay for all costs or expenses it incurs as the result of investigating a Potential claim that the Insured reports.

Looking to discuss the program appetite or how recent program updates may benefit your clients? Contact Michelle St. Angelo at 800.742.6363 ext 364. Or learn more, download applications and view a sample policy online at the Lawyers' Professional Liability page.

FLOOD: Be Smart - Get Listed - Write Business

Flood is an important buzz-word these days. Clients need coverage, agents need training and we have the tools to help you Get Smart, Get Listed and Write Business.

Get Smart: MAIA offers flood classes that meet FEMA’s training and education requirements and provide CE on a continual basis. Courses are offered via Traditional Classroom, StreamingLive and in our Video Room. These courses are necessary for all insurance agents who sell Standard Flood Insurance Policies issued through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Get Listed: The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) facilitates the FloodSmart Agent Referral Program through, the NFIP Referral Call Center, and FloodSmart acquisition mailings. Being listed as a FloodSmart Referral Agent is an excellent way to get free leads. receives over 35,000 visitors a month who are looking for flood-trained agents in their local communities. To have your agency listed in the referral program:

  1. You must participate in at least 2 hours of flood training every 2 years and
  2. Provide proof of training completion to FloodSmart by either
    Emailing the documentation to;
    Faxing the documentation to 703-891-9866; or
    Uploading a certificate of training to their profile on

Write Business: You can become an agent with MAIA/Number One and Hartford WYO Program. The MAIA/Number One book of Flood business is almost $9 million and growing rapidly. Providing Flood is necessary and a way to add new income to your AGENCY’S BOTTOM LINE!  As an agent YOU GET….On-line access to for

  • Quick and Accurate Quotes that can convert into Applications
  • E-Delivery
  • Endorsement processing
  • Claim Reporting
  • AND THEIR BEST FEATURE:  LIVE CHAT SUPPORT!  - a quick and easy way to ask a question, get an answer and have the email sent to you to document the conversation. 
  • A Book Transfer & Training Consultant, who has been extremely responsive to our member agents. Have a book to roll-over and want to be sure it goes smoothly, contact Marcia Eden.

Sign up by completing the Flood Enrollment Kit on our webpage and then fax it to 1-406-755-4403 (the number listed on page 1. (We say fax because the paperwork requires social security numbers but secure email will work, too.)

New PUP Application Effective November 1, 2013:

For new business effective 11-1-2013, all agents can begin using the NEW RLI PERSONAL UMBRELLA APPLICATION version PUP276 (11/13).

Minor changes have been made to this application including

  • Wording shown in the ‘Excess UM/UIM Question’ (#25). The wording that has been changed only affects INDIANA but corrections were made to all forms to keep them consistent.
  • Additional wording in the box above the applicants’ signature now shows "all submissions are subject to underwriting review".

The PUP 276 (11/13) version of the application will be effective 11-1-13 and after. If you have questions about these changes, please contact Linda Hafner at 800.742.6363 ext 368.

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