RLI: Home Business Insurance

We are pleased to announce, effective December 15, 2011, Massachusetts will be adopting the 2010 ISO Coverage Form Changes and the MA DOI has approved the 2010/2011 RLI Filing Changes.

We have updated our webpage to include:

If you have any questions on this program, please contact Linda Hafner, RLI Program Manager at lhafner@massagent.com or call 800.742.6363, ext. 368.

RLI: Home Business


Hospitality Mutual Insurance

"Rounding YOUR Accounts"


E&O: Beware of Claims

We've held a few conversations with both Utica and Swiss Re/Westport recently on both the National and MA Claims Experience.  It was interesting to note the commonality of their concerns and thought we should share with you some growing trends that they are seeing in the marketplace: 

  • Carriers have begun to challenge their agents -- even "good agents" when it comes to picking up claims.   They may pay the claim but also question the pre-underwriting efforts of their agent.  If the review is unfavorable, the trend to seek subrogation from the agent and their E&O carrier is now a common practice.
  • Vacant Properties are on the rise so it isn't a surprise to see a rise in E&O claims involving these risks!  We've all see the theft, vandalism and broken pipe or flood claim from these properties but claims are now surfacing due to thieves harvesting for scrap metal and copper too.  Be careful to notify your clients of how coverage changes -- with a vacant property and document your files.
  • Auto Insurance:  8 -10% of the population is without auto insurance so UM/UIM really needs to be sold.  If no insurance is taken or minimum limits only accepted -- be sure to document your agency's offer of higher recommendations that were not accepted.

Hospitality Mutual Insurance:

Reminder:  In 2010, MA Liquor Serving Establishments were mandated by law to provide proof of Liquor Liability Coverage with their local licensing authority when renewing or applying for a new liquor license. The minimum coverage limit for this new mandate was $250,000 per person and $500,000 per occurrence, and went into effect on August 28th 2010.  This created a large rush for coverage at the end of last year and will generate the same rush for renewals this year.  Be sure to contact your clients and remind them to return their renewal applications timely so they can meet their municipality’s deadline when renewing their license.

If you have any questions on the Liquor Liability program or other Hospitality Mutual products, please contact Colleen Lahna at clahna@massagent.com or phone (800) 742-6363, extension 361 or fax to (508) 634-2930.

LTC and "Rounding YOUR Accounts":

Round your accounts!  This has been the new mantra for a couple of years now.  And we do it – right?  Or do we just go "half way around"?   

MAIA’s New LTC relationship allows member agents to begin offering "Long Term Care Insurance" in your agency today!

1.     Do you have a list of personal umbrella clients who have all of their assets protected with your agency, but they don't own long term care insurance to protect their largest asset...their retirement portfolio?

2.     Do you have a list of small commercial accounts whose owners should consider purchasing long term care insurance to protect their largest asset...their business? And they can deduct the premium as a business expense!!

3.     Do you have a list of large commercial accounts that may want to provide long term care insurance as a reward to their "key" employees? And they can deduct the premium as a business expense!!

If you say "yes" to any of the above, I suggest speaking to Tobe Gerard to learn how she can work with you to prospect your own lists to generate a new revenue stream for your agency.  Contact Tobe by email at tgerard@tobegerardinsurance.com or by phone at (508) 653-8110. 


I heard an interesting statistic the other day on the radio that said only about 2% of MA properties are insured for flood – not knowing the real source I looked up on FEMA and found a report for Fiscal Year 2010 that showed "AS OF September 30, 2010: Massachusetts had 52,675 policies in force."

That leaves a lot of prospects out there!!  If you are looking for a market to service or start your flood book – be sure to check out the Number One Insurance Agency’s Hartford Flood Program. Member agents will receive 20% commission for new and rollover business and 19% commission for renewal business as long as Number One's book continues to exceed $2 million. 

Important Reminder: Update Your Email Address with Us

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