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E&O: Risk Management Services

Did you know...that as a Utica or Westport Policyholder, you have access to some GREAT agency tools & resources!

Utica Policy Holders
Utica National offers their insured’s access to their online Agents’ E&O Resource by logging into www.UticaCustomerCare.com.  Once there, you can view the latest E&O Claims Frequency, Get some great E&O Tips – short, simple, right to the point, there is a posting of Frequently Asked Questions and a way to “Ask the Expert”.

Westport Policy Holders
The Big "I" Professional Liability Program has developed a NEW Risk Management website called www.independentagent.com/EOHAPPENS where you can see what we're talking about!! To access this website, you must use your Big I Username and Password.  If you don’t know it, just contact Michelle and Ellen and they’ll help you out.

What will you find there????



Sample Client Letters 

Sample Agency Procedures 

Sample Exposure Check Lists

E&O Tips for Agency Managers, Producers & CSR's

Agency E&O Self Assessments 

E&O Claims Frequency Data

Real-life case studies and analysis

Podcasts on important E&O topics

Agency E&O related articles to share with employees

Agency Record Retention Guidelines

Keep everyone in your agency thinking about E&O...Be sure to pass the information you find to everyone in your agency. If you have any questions, please contact our E&O Department at 800.742.6363 or email Ellen Stoppel at estoppel@massagent.com or Michelle St. Angelo at mstangelo@massagent.com.

RLI: Get the Facts on Excess UM/UIM – Now Available with the RLI Personal Umbrella

The Facts:

  • Excess UM/UIM Coverage was approved in MA for the RLI Personal Umbrella effective 2/1/2011.
  • The Excess UM/UIM Limit is $1 Million.
  • The minimum underlying coverage required on parts 3 and 12 of the underlying auto policies is $250/500, unless the insured is required to carry $500/500 limits on part 5 of the MAP.  When that is the case, $500/500 is required on parts 3 and 12 as well.
  • The cost is $85 per driver, no exclusions. 
  • This endorsement can be added midterm or at renewal. 
    • Upon reviewing PUP Renewal Declarations, be sure to notice if your insured has opted into this coverage.  If so, you may want to ensure that they have met the minimum underlying UM/UIM limit required.
  • To add midterm, email Linda a request with the insured name, policy number and instructions to add UM/UIM.  Payment: Your agency will receive an Endorsement Bill for any first year policy holders to collect premium. RLI will bill all other policy holders directly.

Description of coverage:
The UM/UIM endorsement on the RLI personal umbrella provides $1 Million of excess coverage after the underlying auto limits are depleted. The UM/UIM coverage responds  when a named insured and/or household members are injured in an auto accident and the person at fault for the accident does not have enough coverage to pay the medical claims. 

Example: An Excess $1Million Could Come in Handy...
A friend of mine was riding his bicycle on the side of Route 9 and was struck by a car driven by a 23 year old driver, who unfortunately only had compulsory coverage and no assets.  My friend was airlifted by helicopter with head injuries, a broken shoulder, multiple bruises and broken ribs to Mass General Hospital where he remained in a coma for 3 days in intensive care. The young driver did not have enough coverage to come close to paying his medical bills, and my friend’s own auto insurance had to respond.  Medical bills continue to mount as the accident happened more than a year ago and my friend is still undergoing physical therapy. The excess $1 Million UM/UIM coverage would certainly come in handy for these medical bills.

For questions or for assistance with the RLI Programs, contact Linda Hafner, RLI Program Manager, at lhafner@massagent.com or call 800.742.6363, ext. 368.

Hospitality Mutual Insurance: Application Hints

Our Hospitality Mutual book continues to grow and we appreciate all the submissions that have come our way!

Time is alwyas of the essence! We want to make sure you know....that to speed things up...we can quote and even bind using a competitor’s application.

Submitting the Hospitality Mutual Custom Application is always welcomed, and can sometimes provide the underwriter the additional information needed to squeek out some extra credits, but is often not required.

For information on the Hospitality Mutual products we offer, contact Colleen Lahna, program manager at clahna@massagent.com or phone (800) 742-6363, extension 361 or fax to (508) 634-2930.

WC:  Be careful out there . . . . .

Number One Insurance writes about 4,000 workers’ compensation policies a year and one of our carriers did a little analysis on our claim history…so we thought we would share:
What caused the most claims? (Based on analysis of 85 Claims)

  • 15 Claims were due to injuries due to being caught in/under/between an object.
  • 8 Claims were due to overexertion/strain in lifting an object.
  • 8 Claims were due to being struck by a falling or flying object.
  • 5 Claims due to falling on the same level (with no ice or snow present).
  • 5 Claims were due to a fall from a ladder/scaffold/platform or walkway.

We have added a few Loss Prevention and Claim Service Information pieces to our website take a look, you may want to share some of them with your insureds.

For questions or for more information about our WC Program, contact Colleen Lahna, WC Program Manager at clahna@massagent.com or call her at (800) 742-6363, extension 361.

More WC: The Hartford’s Certificates of Insurance Just Got Easier!

So we know you can’t do this with “all of your clients” but you can with some!

Do you have an insured that requests a Certificate of Insurance many times throughout the policy term?  You know - - the client that “actually knows” what they are asking you for and has the information ready to give to you. If you have those clients or spend a little time training clients that “have potential”, provide them the link below so they can follow the steps and make the request themselves.

Go ahead, click on it and see how easy it is. In fact, try it yourself the next time you need to request a certificate and see how it goes. If you are asked your relation to the insured, simply say you are a producer of the Number One Insurance Agency and are asking for the COI on behalf of your insured. 

Here's the link:


This is just another way that THE HARTFORD is thanking us for their business and making their agent’s lives a little easier.

For more information on the Number One Insurance Agency’s Workers’ Compensation program – contact Barbara Lobdell, WC Underwriting Manager at blobdell@massagent.com or Colleen Lahna, WC Program Manager at clahna@massagent.com.  Phone:  (800) 742-6363 & WC Fax:  (508) 634-2931.


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