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September 2013

RLI: New PUP Application Effective November 1, 2013

For new business effective 11-1-2013, all agents can begin using the NEW RLI PERSONAL UMBRELLA APPLICATION version PUP276 (11/13).
Minor changes have been made to this application including

  1. Wording shown in the ‘Excess UM/UIM Question’ (#25). The wording that has been changed only affects INDIANA but corrections were made to all forms to keep them consistent.
  2. Additional wording in the box above the applicants’ signature now shows “all submissions are subject to underwriting review”.

The PUP 276 (11/13) version of the application will be effective 11-1-13 and after. If you have questions about these changes, please contact Linda Hafner at 800.742.6363 ext 368.

WC: Insured Attention Required

While mandated by law, Workers’ Comp can still be seen as a total inconvenience by your clients. Because of its “Bad Rep” insureds are sometimes inclined to pay their premiums and forget that the policy may require their attention throughout the year.

As their agent it is wise to make sure you set the expectation that WC often requires additional attention. Depending on the carrier, insureds may be subject to audits, mid-year reporting, phone interviews or loss survey. These things, may be time consuming, but are required by the carrier and non-compliance can mean cancellation. 

If you have questions about what to expect from our WC carriers, just ask! Send them into our WC Team! Colleen Lahna is available to discuss current policies or contact Barbara Lobdell with new business inquiries and applications.

Liquor: Hospitality Mutual Amends Temporary Event Policies

Effective September 10, 2013 Hospitality Mutual will be amending the time period on ALL Temporary Event Policies. Under the Business Description on the Declarations page the following will be inserted exactly as it appears below:

Business Description: Temporary Event -  Time above is amended to read 6:00 am to 6:00 am.

This amendment is being done to accommodate wedding/parties and other events that go beyond midnight on the day of expiration. This change should solve any questions regarding timing of the effective/expiration date of a temporary event policy.

Should an insured need more coverage then the 24 hour period listed above a 2 day policy may be issued at an additional charge with the same time period listed.

For questions about this change or for more information about our Liquor Liability Insurance program, contact Colleen Lahna at the Number One Insurance Agency, Inc. at 800.742.6363 or email her at

Flood: Travelers Discontinues WYO Flood Program

In Case Your Haven't Heard....Travelers has announced its plans to stop writing National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policies on September 15, 2013 for policies with effective dates on or after October 15, 2013.

While Travelers does offer its agents an alternative, we'd like to suggest that you consider using the flood program through The Hartford offered by MAIA/Number One Insurance Agency to MAIA members. Here are just a few of the benefits of the MAIA/Number One Insurance Agency flood program:

  • Hartford flood offers access to both Personal and Commercial flood through the NFIP / FEMA flood program.
  • Superior brand recognition using The Hartford as your flood carrier.
  • Assistance in moving your policies to Hartford flood by their dedicated rollover team. They will assist your staff either onsite or remotely thus reducing agency time and expense in the process.
  • Hartford flood uses the same flood TPA (NFS /Stoneriver) that Travelers used. No learning curve for staff just a new online access code.
  • As a member agency of MAIA you will receive very competitive commissions of 20% new, 19% renewal and 20% rollover.

What should you do next? Sign UP!

Complete the Flood Enrollment Kit and forward to the fax listed on page one. Give 48 hours for processing and then call the Agency Services Number (866) 796-7582 to receive your Username & Password. AND CONTACT our MAIA Roll-over Specialist, Marcia Eden! She is waiting for your call and ready to help get the ball rolling!

Call: Marcia Eden, Transfer and Training Consultant
Office:  (704) 972-5917 or Cell:  (704) 589-3302

MAIA/Number One Insurance Agency’s Flood Program has grown from $1.7M in 2004 and looks to exceed $8M by the end of 2013 -- that’s growth -- and is now one of our leading markets offered to the MAIA membership!  You can’t afford to NOT BE IN THE FLOOD BUSINESS!!!

E&O: Thoughts on Determining Limits

Deciding what limits are appropriate for your agency is a question often fielded by our E&O team, Ellen & Michelle. Common sense rules of thumb have always had us look to the size of the largest client, or overall premium volume to make this determination.

However, it might be time to rethink that according to a recent blog post by Curt Pearsall, consultant and expert on Agents E&O. Why? As Curt explains:

…smaller agencies are just as likely to have a big E&O claim as a bigger agency…oftentimes, it is not what you wrote that will generate the E&O claim, it is what you didn’t write. Said another way, what is not covered is more likely to cause an E&O claim as opposed to what you did write.

He uses a great example of what most consider to be a small personal lines account (home and auto) but what happens when a large liability claim hits with no umbrella? Could that be a $5 Million problem?

We think that as agents you’ll find his parting advice familiar:

When your E&O account comes up for renewal, don’t hesitate to ask the underwriter for a variety of limit options. You may just find out that the additional premium to increase your limit is less than you think. Your E&O coverage and the limit you select are some of the most important decisions you will make as the owner.

As always, we are happy to assist you with these and other E&O questions. Simply contact the E&O Department at 800.742.6363 or email Ellen Stoppel or Michelle St. Angelo.

Monday, September 23, 2013
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
$55.00 per member agency location /
$110.00 per non-member agency location

See the Full Agenda & REGISTER Now!

Did you know?
We have WC markets for:
  • Auto Sales
  • Daycare Centers (no home daycares)
  • Landscapers
  • Most Retail Stores
  • Rug cleaners, Upholstery Shop & Drivers
  • Pet Groomers & Drivers
  • Photographers

Contact Barbara Lobdell for New Business Inquiries.

E&O Classes at The Big Event:

Thursday, Nov. 7th
E&O 2013 (Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Approved Loss Control Approved)

Friday, Nov. 8th
Key E&O Issues That Every Agent Should Be Thinking About

E&O Related to an Agency’s Use of Social Media

Saturday Nov. 9th
Key E&O Issues That Every Agent Should Be Thinking About

E&O Mock Trial

Also, stop by the Trade Show to chat with your E&O Underwriter. Representatives from Utica and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions will be at the show and ready to chat with you!

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