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Caliper is a talent management company that, for more than a half-century, has helped businesses with talent acquisition, leadership development, succession planning, and organizational change. Caliper has helped more than 28,000 companies around the world get clear about selecting the right people, developing the best talent and creating the organizational culture they need to succeed. Remove the uncertainty and make the best decisions for your agency’s specific needs.

Make your most informed, confident hiring decisions with the Caliper Profile. This Pre-Employment Assessment will you get the most out of every interview, match the right people to the right jobs and hire more people like your best performers.

Continue to identify and develop your high-potential employees with Caliper’s Talent Development solutions. Caliper can help your organization transform the corporate culture you have to the corporate culture you need by putting your vision into perspective and defining the strategy for achieving your goal.

For more info, please contact Ricardo Roman, VP Strategic Alliances, at or 609-524-1224 and identify yourself as a member of MAIA and IIABA.