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Independent Agent Impact Movie

Independent Insurance Agents are the premiere distribution system for insurance products in Massachusetts.  Why? Because local agents bring the technical knowledge, professionalism, and person to person service that consumers expect and appreciate.  

In today’s marketplace, consumers are increasingly enticed with the promise of money and time-saving offers. This makes it more important than ever to remind consumers and the community at large of the role you play as a local independent insurance agent.

This short impact movie has been produced by MAIA and AngleVision Technologies as a resource to raise consumer awareness about the why doing business with local independent agents continues to be a win for clients and the communities of Massachusetts.

MAIA encourages all of our members to view and share the movie not only with your staff, but with your networks of family, friends and clients.  The 2.5 minute movie is free to use and share. MAIA members also have the opportunity to personalize/brand the movie to your agency for an additional fee.

Marketing Tips -Where to use the impact movie:

  1. Host the movie on your homepage.
  2. Add a link to the signature line of all staff’s email.
  3. Feature the impact movie in an agency email or e-newsletter.
  4. Share the impact movie on your Facebook Fan Page and other social networking profiles.
  5. Don’t be shy. Consider showing the impact movie when making a presentation or introducing yourself to a community group.

mp4 movie file

To save the file to your computer:
Right mouse click the Download Button
and click "Save Target As". 

Technical tips on how to use the movie:

  1. Utilize the Full Flash Files to host the movie on your website. Contact for the full Zip file.
  2. Use the Youtube ready mp4 version to easily share the short movie on your social networking profiles like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  3. MAIA Members can work with AngelVision Technologies to add your agency’s branding to the movie for a fee.
    To discuss this option contact: 
    Cory Hawk 
    Director of Client Services 
    AngelVision Technologies

For technical questions about implementing the Impact Movie on your homepage, please contact:

Leo Fredette
Systems Administrator/Consultant